Ambré: R&B’s rising star releases her latest EP “Who’s loving you?”

Ambré is the New Orleans-born artist that’s taking over R&B right now, she’s in her lane and doesn’t hold back. The Roc Nation artist has just released her latest EP Who’s loving you” which features a must-hear track with Mack Keane and a part 2 to her 2022 hit single “Drake and Drive”, Ambré professes her love over a smooth beat while taking a ride. Ambré makes music you just don’t forget, her voice is angelic over hard-hitting beats. You can download and stream “Who’s loving you?” here.

Featured Interview:

Ambre! It’s so good to talk with you, first and foremost – how are you?

I’m great! Taking it one day at a time

Being Acknowledged by BET for Best New Artist is a major moment for an artist, how was that for you? 

It was honestly humbling, and kind of a moment of clarity for me because it’s easy to get caught up in life and forget to acknowledge your accomplishments, so this helped me take a moment for that. It was my first nomination as an artist. I actually found out about it while we were filming NPR’s Tiny Desk. 

Photographed by Elliot Hensford

Okay, we must talk about your Tiny Desk Concert! You guys killed that!! I saw you live last year and I can say hands down you with a live band is an experience you have to see in person – how was doing that for you during Black Music Month? 

Thank you!! I had so much fun doing that with my friends. I had to put on for the city. And during Black Music Month, it was cool to be amongst all of the legends they had that month.

We love your style and how you mix and match – what are some of your favorite brands and places to shop? 

I love fashion but I’m not really caught up on brands. As long as it looks and feels good. Rick Owens, Badson, Prada, and Nahmias are in my current rotation. Mainly, I thrift a lot and get customs made. 2nd Street is one of my favs, they have locations everywhere.

You’ve been so busy, have you had time to visit New Orleans? 

Yes! I visit New Orleans often. I try and go back as much as I can. I was just there a few weeks back for Essence Festival.

New Orleans is a breeding ground for great sound and live instruments, does music run in your family? 

Music doesn’t really run in my family, but my grandpa plays the saxophone.

Photographed by Elliot Hensford

Growing up, what were some of your earliest musical memories? 

My earliest memories are mostly of me singing in the church choir and at school. My older sister, Briane had me sing a song I wrote at our high school pep rally when we were teens, and the school went crazy! That moment really made me feel like I could make a living doing this. 

I love your demeanor, I remember first discovering your music through Destin Conrad and I was like “Wow! Who is she?” I didn’t know much about who you were but I instantly connected with your music and lyrics. How do you describe your sound and style of music? 

Destinnnn! That’s my best friend, I love him.

I wouldn’t describe my music because I prefer the listeners to share their own experiences. Also, I want to be open and free from definitions. 

How has touring been for you so far? Any favorite moments? I saw you in Washington D.C., the crowd went crazy!

Their energy was amazing – DC was one of my favorite shows of the whole tour. It was great to be out on the road, that was my first headline run so it was surreal to feel the support of the fans firsthand. The best moment for me was in my hometown of New Orleans, I sold it out a couple minutes before the show. I brought out HaSizzle and my whole family was in the building. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

I like to pray, sit alone for a while, and do warm-ups. I also listen to some good music.

We love your locs, how was your hair journey been for you? What are some products you’re using? 

I started free forming in 2019, so I’ve been at it a while.. One of the best decisions in my life honestly.

Whenever I do get them done, my loctician Dr. Kari Williams is the GOAT.  She helped execute my vision for two-tone locs during my 3000° era.  I’m always switching up the color. For products, I love the Got2b gel or Murray’s wax for my edges. 

Do you have a dream collaboration?

Definitely Andre 3000, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé.

Your latest EP “Who’s loving you?” dropped last month, how was making this project for you? The Mack Keane feature was everything we needed, you two have amazing musical chemistry. 

This project was super easy and laid back. I wanted it to kind of feel like a mixtape, “b-sides” type of vibe. It picks up right where my last EP ends. 

Mack is also one of my favorites, we work together a lot.

Photographed by Elliot Hensford

Who are some of your favorite artists at the moment?

Destin Conrad, Payton Moore, Ravyn Lenae, Jean Deaux, Jordan Ward

What can fans expect from you later this year? 

More music! More videos, and hopefully another tour.

Team Credits:

Photography/Creative Direction: Elliot Hensford

Interviewed by: Perrin Johnson @editsbyperry

Ambre PR: Lede Company

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