Amber Asaly Is The Babe Behind The Lens

When she’s not tripping up Justin Bieber, Amber Asaly is the young LA creative to be acquainted with. Amber has photographed some of the most beautiful women, whilst being a beaut herself. Check out her feature in our latest issue!


Seeing as you’re a boss, what do you think of the word bossy- own it or not?
Since the age of 14, when Kelis released her song “Bossy”, I’ve co-owned that word, (‘co-owned’ only because Kelis definitely owns it.)

5 women you think are bad ass:

1) My grandma – She’s so raw, never gives a fackkk and does whatever she wants.

2) ​Rihanna – I mean come on, it’s Rihanna & she followed me on instagram when she had one so instant brownie points for you RiRi.

​3) Cara Delevingne – Homegirl is extremely opinionated and not afraid to vocalize it.

4) Kris Jenner – F*** the haters. That mama raised one of the hottest families and did it so right. All those girls are boss ass bishes & stay slayin’ the game.

5) Anna Wintour. Just got chills typing her name out. No need for further explanation.

Do you think it’s tougher getting to where you are than your male equivalents?
​Yes & no. At the end of the day it’s the hustle that gets you where you’re at. Regardless of sexuality, race, religion…whatever the f*** it is…if you’re persistent and passionate I believe you’ll get to where you want to be. If you’re an avid follower of society, don’t be. You can’t let dumb shit hold you back. Be you and do you always. Work hard for it.

Do you bring your boss-ness and dominate personally into other parts of your life, like the bedroom?
Let’s just say I’m a scorpio. If you’re not into astrology, google it​.

Do you think you intimidate people around you?
People always say I’m intimidating! I don’t try to be I’m just real as f***. Sometimes to treal (too real)
Most guys I’ve dated end up telling me I intimidate them. I swear they all group text each other and are like “lets tell Amber she’s intimidating”. Whatever, some people just can’t hang I guess.

What’s something you’re really proud so far?
I tripped Justin Beiber backstage @ Jingle Ball in 2010. #neverforget

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