Amadee’s Trippy New Music Video Was Shot Entirely on an iPhone

If you were wanting to go to school to be a music video director, AMADEE’s new music video for “How to Change,” proves you probably don’t really need to — as it was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone.

Bandmates Robbie, Celeste and Steven stumbled upon the iPhone App called Glitche, an app that everyone from Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian have been using to make their photos look radical. What they came up with is basically art.

“There was something really cool about having these strict parameters to make video with,” Celeste tells Galore. “There are infinite options, and even though we had “nice” cameras at our disposal, it was cool to limit yourself to a phone and an app and really be forced to have to be creative in different ways.”

The song has synth sounds reminiscent of a digital land and amazing layered dissonant vocal harmonies of which Steven says, “I think I was shooting for “808’s and Heartbreaks” vibes, and just missed in a cool way. There were probably robots and old tape machines involved at some point.”

Singer Celeste says that the song was the backbone of the search for her voice.

“Coming from a classical background, where it was all about sounding ‘perfect,’ moving into songwriting and pop was a transition,” she said, “and as my music was changing, so was the rest of my life…this song was my way to try to sort it out.”

Take a listen and then just wait for the chorus, and you’ll inevitably be hooked.

Check the video out below.

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