Why You Should Always Buy Travel-Size Mascara Instead of Regular

You know how by the end of your mascara’s life cycle, it gets all clumpy and dried out?

Well apparently, exclusively buying travel-size mascara can prevent that.

A recent beauty-centric Reddit thread (yes, they exist!) highlighted this universal truth when one user asked if she was crazy for liking the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara sample tube better than the real deal.

“I’ve used about 6 of the [sample] tubes and finally gave in and bought a full size during the VIB sale, and I’m having all kinds of regrets,” she wrote. “Is it a different formula for the smaller size, or am I just imagining things?”

Her fellow makeup addicts quickly confirmed that for some products, the sample size is in fact better. But it’s because of the size of the bottle, not the formulation of the product.

Instead, there are a few factors going into this. For one thing, a shorter mascara tube means less product ends up on the wand when you pull it out to use it. That translates into cleaner application. Plus, with some mascaras, the wand is shorter in the sample size, also making it easier to maneuver around your eye.

Another Reddit user guessed that maybe sample-sized products are more fresh, because samples of expensive products might fly off the shelves quicker than the full-priced version.

This is all great to know — don’t you always feel a little bit like a cheapskate when buying a sample size instead of regular? Now you can just tell yourself it’s because of your makeup expertise. Awesome.

[H/T Allure]


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