Singer Alexx Mack created a collective called “Born to be Nasty,” for people who feel they are different

If you happen to be sassy, comfy in your own skin, and authentic to who you are, you’ve probably made someone else feel uncomfortable by accident. But what do you do when you aren’t sorry for being yourself? 

Singer Alexx Mack has been making music for years, but she recently noticed that she seemingly made the people around her uncomfortable. Instead of hiding from it, Alexx wrote a song called, “Uncomfortable.”

“I just always used to wonder why I made people, specifically traditional women and most men, uncomfortable? From the way I expressed myself physically, to the passion I had about my art and helping people. One day I sat down with my friend Haleigh Bowers and shared with her my thoughts on making others “Uncomfortable.” We wrote the song in under an hour,” explains Alexx Mack.

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But Alexx took it one step further, and besides including the lyrics, “born to be nasty” in the song, she also created a collective for all of us who seemingly give no fucks when it comes to being our authentic selves.

Alexx calls the collective (what else?) “Born to Be Nasty,” and she even released these cute AF hats that you can buy so you can show your support for the cause. Alexx says, “‘Born to be nasty’ means that you are living your most authentic, inclusive, and loving life. No matter how ‘nasty’ that makes you to people who don’t understand,” Alex says on the phrase.

“We’re turning that word into something positive and inspiring. We’re owning our differences while educating ourselves and supporting the differences of others — we’re creating a community of like minded people,” explains Alex of the cause.

Check out her song, “Uncomfortable,” here, and peep our exclusive interview with Alexx below.

Why do you think this is an important cause and who else is involved?

I think we are in dire need for a community like the one we are trying to build. A place of safety for the LGBTQIA community and for women.  I’m an LGBTQIA ally and a woman who’s a survivor of sexual assault. There’s so much support that can be shared through one group of people to another.

A place for people to bond over similarities and differences without judgement. So far I’ve had the support of a lot of artist friends. From filmmakers, to songwriters, to performers, and photography. We had a photo shoot the other weekend and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Where can people buy the hat and support?

Check out our Instagram @weareBTBN – the hats go on sale shortly.

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What advice do you have for people who feel out of place or “Uncomfortable”?

It took a lot of time for me to finally start loving myself for all the things that make me, me. I think the first sliver of advice I have would be to really make sure you show yourself love. Whether it’s self care or daily mantras.

Do you think that sometimes taking a “hiatus” from things is the best decision to make?

Absolutely. I wouldn’t be in the place that I’m in mentally and creatively without taking a break. We have to start asking us why the things we love make us stressed. It’s all derived from fear. I was afraid to stop putting out music but I really needed to experiment with different creative routes.

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What’s next for you?

I’m really excited to put out a bunch of singles. I’ve been working on the songs with producer Alex Flagstad and we’re itching to put them out. I’m making really personal visuals for the music and I’m gonna be playing some shows, too. I’m also planning a large outdoor event for “Born To Be Nasty” that we’re gonna announce this summer.

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