Clothing designer Patrick Church wears his art on his sleeve

The day I bought my Fendi Zucca Chef bag is the day I met Patrick Church.

Not in person, but in art – and not in an untouchable, separated, framed on a wall kind of way. In the most shocking, in your face, tangible way possible. “On a Birkin bag! Blasphemy!”, I cried. 

Yes, the designer Patrick Church paints his art onto Birkins, Louis Vuitton pillows, and more, making his art quite shocking (many people have the same reaction as I did).

let me ruin ur Birkin

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It wasn’t long after that dramatic gasp that I slowly began to accept how Church’s flamboyant and colorful characters had complimented the stoic, iconic accessory. Simply put, both of these works of art, worked.

So, when a very good friend of mine asked for suggestions on how to upgrade her Kelly bag, I immediately tagged Patrick Church. And, of course, the connection was a match made in fashion heaven. Who wouldn’t want to fuck up a Kelly bag with their next-level art?

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Soon after this, Patrick Church pieces were popping up all over my social media TL. SZA wore his feathered trim pants to one of her performances, Teyana Taylor wore his leather jacket to Coachella, influencer/model Jazelle added him to her wardrobe, and the Jenner sisters were also donning his work.

I spoke to the New York based purveyor of art and fashion to learn more about his skill and what’s next for him.

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Are you self-taught? Or did you go to school for your craft? Which school?

I started at school but I left. It was a long journey, but ultimately I knew what I wanted to do. I also didn’t like being told what to do. I actually credit my high school teacher when I was in England for believing in me completely and letting me do my thing.

What is the one advice you wish you had coming up as an artist?

That you can’t be amazing at everything, and to listen to others.

this bag is my fav thing shop it through the link in my bio 👜

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You’re stranded on a colorless island and you have to paint it using only three colors. What colors would you choose?

Pink, gold, and turquoise!

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Be sure to check out Patrick Church and to follow along his artistic journey! 

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