Alexandra John Delivers a Stunning Summer Jam with “Lonely Night.”

Meet Alexandra John, the talented brother-sister duo making waves in the music industry. Twins, Liza & Weston Cain were raised in a musical household in San Francisco, with music coursing through their DNA. Liza grew up singing, acting, dancing, and playing the piano, while Weston has been a seasoned instrumentalist since the age of four, mastering several instruments like the guitar and piano over time. Together, at just 27 years old, they create soul-inspiring music that showcases their immense talent. Alexandra John has been featured in popular media outlets.



Now based in Los Angeles, Alexandra John is dedicated to sharing their passionate music with the world. The band draws inspiration from legendary artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Bee Gees, Chaka Khan, and Stevie Wonder, and newer influences like Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Dabeull, and SJ Lewis. Alexandra John doesn’t shy away from crossing sonic boundaries while staying true to their authentic roots. With over 300k Spotify plays, their slick production and heartfelt lyrics explore universal themes such as anxiety, addiction, grief, and loss, fused with hook-driven indie electro-pop songs embodying feminine and masculine energies. 

Alexandra John dedicates “Lonely Night” to all those alone deep into the twilight hours. The song is flawless, neatly incorporating elements of pop, R&B, soul, funk, and so much more in a lovely way. Best of all, the lyrics have a poignancy, allowing the duo to express themselves more freely. Letting the song work as a confessional ode, devoted to the idea of a night alone, adds to the pure drama of the track. A theatrical quality comes through, further highlighted by the perfect punctuation of the horns, which are essentially the cherry on top of a gorgeous piece. 

Things start with a swagger, and it only builds up from there. Elements of the Weeknd’s retro-futurism add to the sheer tenor. The bass is graceful, allowing parts of funk to filter into its sound. Rhythms have this muscle behind them, as they never speed through, working on an emotional level. Going for this constantly growing, evolving sound adds to the sheer relatability of what she’s going through. The sort of thing that every person on the planet has experienced; she expresses what it is like to feel unrequited desire. Her vocals draw the rest of the sound in, and her ability to sync with the rest of the band adds to her fiery yearning. For the finale, the song truly rips it all apart with one final explosion of color. 

“Lonely Night” has Alexandra John pour their heart and soul into a timeless, epic sound that completely engrosses the audience. 

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