8 Tech Updates We All Whined About but Now Love

After many months of speculation, it was finally announced yesterday that the new iPhone 7 won’t have a normal headphone jack and will instead come with something brand-spanking-new called the Air Pods.

Everyone’s losing their shit over this update, partially because we’ll all lose the Air Pods within 15 minutes, but mostly because people fear change. We’ll all be over it and laugh at how dorky wired earbuds looked a year from now.

Because let’s face it, this isn’t the first time a tech update has made people mad.  So we made a list of all the tech updates that probably pissed you off at one point, but now are so essential to life that you have to laugh at how pointlessly mad it made you.

1. Snapchat

Oh my god, I remember when this came out and all my friends were hella into it and honestly I just didn’t get it. Like why would you want to send pics that disappear back and forth?

But I finally caved and got one last year, and now I can’t stop SNAPPING EVERYTHING I DO. And the face filters are everything.

2. Facebook News Feed

Remember when you got on Facebook and it was just your page and the only thing you could really do was look at other people’s pages? Well that was how Facebook was until the News Feed was invented. About a year after Facebook was launched, the News Feed was introduced, basically revolutionizing social media like all together. If you were like me, you probs whined about it because it was stupid, and you didn’t fully understand it’s importance yet.

Imagine what life would be like if you still had to go visit your weird aunt’s actual Facebook profile to see her rant about how much she loves wine and coffee. Thank god this important info pops up in the Feed now, right?

3. Twitter

Twitter was the last social media I joined because I thought it was so stupid, like what the fuck am I gonna do in 140 characters? Now, I’m addicted to Twitter like genuinely too obsessed. Live, laugh, love, Twitter. And I believe it’s probably the best social media platform.

Photo: Techcrunch

4. Instagram Stories

Okay these were like a direct ripoff from the Snapchat stories, and I hated them at first. Now I love them because they get waaaay more views than my Snapchat stories do, and even though there aren’t fun face filters, there is that really pretty pink to purple fade filter that everyone uses.

5. Instagram DM’s

“Who tf is gonna use Instagram to DM?” I thought when these were introduced. Everyone apparently. Even my mom Instagram DM’s me pics of Kim Kardashian and says “You’d look cute in this!” Very flattering, mom.


6. When Mac Got Rid of the the CD Drive

This is the only one on this list I don’t see myself getting over anytime soon. It’s been the biggest pain in my ass. Literally last night I had to go out and buy an external CD drive just so I could set up my freaking printer! RIP CD Drive, or as my editor points out, her ability to watch her Oprah boxset on DVDs.

7. The Floppy Disc Being Replaced by The CD

I’m a lil bit too young to really remember flipping out over this, although I do remember my dad being so fucking pissed about having to convert his trillions of floppy discs into CDs. I’m not even kidding, my dad sat in his office one time for an entire day just converting them. But I haven’t seen a floppy disc in years, so I think this might have been a good upgrade.

8. iPhone Plus

One of my friend’s moms got this phone right when it came out and I didn’t understand why someone would want a phone this large. It looks like an iPad Mini, it’s awkward to hold up to your ear when you’re talking on the phone, and it doesn’t fit in some of your pockets…

But guess what, I fucking have this phone now, and I can’t imagine life without it.

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