This Is The Age When People Stop Making New Friends

Once you graduate college, you quickly realize who are your “real friends” and who are the people you just got blackout drunk with and will probs never hear from again.

You also probably realize how difficult it is to meet new friends. I mean, even with Bumble BFF, making platonic friends is 100 times harder than finding a hook-up.

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Unfortunately, it’s all down hill from here. Turns out the average person’s peak cell phone usage is at age 25, and then it decreases, according to a study.

The study was done by examining the cell phone records of 3.5 million people in the United Kingdom. It found that 25-year-old men have 19 people on average that they are in constant contact with, whereas women have up to 16 people.

Great, so on top of everything else, men even get more friends than us. Ugh. Unless these numbers are skewed because men are constantly texting their side pieces? It’s unclear.

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Whatever it is, your social circle goes down as you get older, and will probs never be as poppin’ as it was in your early 20’s. On the plus side, maybe you’ll stop having your phone battery die from dumb group chat messages?

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