Adam Sandler and 5 Other Actors Who Need To Just Stop

If the rumors are to be believed, Adam Sandler is following up his travesty of a film, Blended, with four new films to be premiered exclusively on Netflix. Ok. But for what reason? Adam Sandler has been at it since the 90’s when he made us both laugh and cry in The Wedding Singer and then made us laugh some more in Billy Madison. He proved he could be an actual good actor in Punch Drunk Love and Spanglish and even did some solid voicework in Hotel Transylvania. He had a good run. But then he tried to keep it going. Taking another lap and then another even after the race was over, and that is when things started to get bad. With flops like Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy making us do little more than cringe, we can’t help but think that it is about time that Adam Sandler took a break and just stopped trying to do what he has already both succeeded and failed to make us do: laugh. Sandler is not the only one who needs to take the hint and just let what is left of his career die though. Here are a few other actors who really just need to stop.

Tom Cruise


Maybe it was the moment when he started jumping on the couch on Opera. Maybe it was when he became a scientologist. We can’t be entirely sure but lately it has seemed like Tom Cruise’s only roles are Mission Impossible and movies that look like Mission Impossible. Honestly Tom should have just took the praise he got after Tropic Thunder and called it a career.

Michael Cera


It pains us to say this but Michael Cera hasn’t been good since Scott Pilgrim. At this point we just kind of want to make like Rihanna in This Is The End and bitch slap the shit out of him.

Katie Holmes


Let’s be honest, Dawson’s Creek wasn’t a good show, but it was a show that defined a generation in the way that Pretty Little Liars is possibly doing now. Katie Holmes has never been a good actress but she is cute and peppy and easily likeable the way that Hannah Montanna was before she became Miley Cyrus and started actually being cool. Katie Holmes has gotten a lot more roles than she probably should have.It is well past the time when she should just stop.

Jim Carrey


Jim, we love you, you are hilarious. Please don’t make another Dumb and Dumber so that we can please keep loving you and thinking you are hilarious, thanks.

Blake Lively


Gossip Girl is over, Serena Van Der Woodsen is dead (or married to Dan Humphrey or something), and Blake Lively has a good fashion sense. That is it. Please stop acting, just be stylish or work on that GOOP-esque blog that everyone is talking about. Aything but acting. Please. Just Stop.

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