A Talent-Driven Content Studio

Galore Media is the voice for the cool, creative and daring Gen Z girl. We work with brands across all categories to create campaigns that work across all mobile platforms, driven by talent and premium creative. Along with it's own channels, Galore Media is able to drive significant reach through it's influencer platform Kitten, and through an expertise in paid amplification for Instagram and Facebook.

Ava Allan for Bongo



  • + 25M videos views across our channels

  • + Featured talent including Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid and many others.

  • + 100 pieces of Branded content per month

  • + Representing over 150 top creators

  • + Includes talent including Ava Allen, Ava Dash, Nala Wayans and more

  • + 60M daily reach

  • + Over 100M mobile video views each month

  • We make & publish wherever our audience of Gen Z girls lives, mainly Instagram and Snap. We shoot daily from our LA and NY studios, powering the social channels of our partners with on-brand, talent lead video content.

    Global Talent Campaigns

    When L'Oreal did it's first global campaign with influencers, they came to our agency Kitten, who represents over 150 of the biggest young stars on social media. The Colorista campaign included original video, a multi-day shoot in Paris, and being including on the product packaging.

    Trend and Consumer Insights

    Galore Media has a proprietary network of 10K culture-makers, who have been identified to have a forward looking view on "what's next" in culture, and inform our research and trend forecasting product.


    • • Rapid polling to specific demos

    • • Social listening on given topic

    • • Galore Trend Insights team to collapse data into a custom report

    • • For product releases, can leverage data with qualitative to provide a confidence score for a specific launch

    • • Film or TV releases will also receive an affinity score from Culture Makers within this segment.

    Influencer promotions

    The Kitten roster is filled with some of the best creators for Instagram and Snap. Best of all, they have huge audiences that allow them to drive awareness for a brand across their networks, with very high engagement.

    Product Collaborations

    When it comes to product collaborations, Galore's fans turn up. Working with Missguided, the Galore creative team designed a 20-piece collection inspired by Lil' Kim, and shot and produced all of the creative assets including the lookbook, bts video, a kit of social assets, in addition to getting the clothes on celebrities like Paris Hilton and Keke Palmer, and pushed out to our Kitten influencers and Galore Girls. Result....the collection sold out in 2 Weeks.


    With Instagram turning events into media moments (and the pull of Netflix keeping people at home), unique experiential moments are more important than ever. Either through music driven events like Galore Fashion Week, Miami SWIM, Sisterhood of Sound, or our new music Festival Girl Cult, Galore brings a creative and fun approach to live events, which are always attended by the most sought after names in our target demo.

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