Girl, Quarantined: An Open Letter By Denise Bidot

It’s month three of quarantine for those in the U.S., and you’re likely feeling a mix between burnt out and lazy af. You also probably miss your friends, boozy brunch, and having a reason to dress up that isn’t just an Instagram photoshoot.

Well, if it comforts you, you’re not alone. Denise Bidot, the Latina bombshell who’s taking the plus-sized modeling industry by storm, is right there with you.

Denise wrote an open letter describing how she’s feeling during quarantine and why she’s using this time to self-heal. She also offers some words of comfort during these crazy times. Oh, and we also shot her (pre-quarantine) in some sexy AF lingerie—so enjoy these too.

My letter of quarantine to the world; 

It’s almost as though I find myself in a deep state of self-discovery. Things I thought I’d never learn to do are now my daily tasks. Sleep I thought it’d never catch up on is a thing of the past. Discovering new passions is pretty much a must for a fun day and yes, self-care is still at the top of my list, even if I’m not going out. 

But how are you finding yourself during this quarantine? 

2020 has been a damn rollercoaster already. Not the fun kind of rollercoaster either. Think the kind you scream so hard you pass out on and wake up not sure how you survived it, that’s 2020. I walked out of 2019 dreaming of the year to come and how magical is was going to be. Yet, over a quarter of the year has been spent hearing news tell us about catastrophic event after catastrophic event. From wildfires in Australia to earthquakes in Puerto Rico. From impeachment’s to acquittals. And no one can forget the heart shattering news of Kobe and Gianna. 

But where do we go from here? How do we turn this year around? Quarantine has given us the ability to grow. 

While it has been countless days of stay at home orders that may feel like they have no end in sight, I do have hope for the future and believe from the deepest part of my heart that we will come out of this with deeper empathy and love for our fellow neighbors. I have seen people step up and help—delivering food; medical equipment, toilet paper and many other essentials. But mainly delivering kindness one package at a time. 

Never in history has there been a unified enemy for the entire world, but here we are, COVID-19 is her name. 

Let’s use this time to really lean on each other. Lifting each other’s spirits right now is all we can do while we are at home and yes, please STAY HOME. Remember we have the power to come together and sprinkle compassion on everything. My thoughts and prayers with everyone. I love you. 


Denise Bidot 

Photography and Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa and Jacob DeKat

Hair and Make-up: Jeanna Sabatino

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