Singer ABIR is going to be your new favorite girl-anthem artist

Ok, so if you haven’t heard of ABIR, you need to go check out her music right now.

Her music, especially her single, “Young & Rude,” will make you feel like going on a road trip with your girls in a convertible.

Plus, our girl Kim K was playing ABIR’s song, “Way Out,” on her IG stories recently, and we all know what happens to artists when a Kardashian is filmed jamming to them (aka, they blow up).

Her new EP, “MINT,” is recently released, and is an ode to her Moroccan heritage. The songs are personal, fun, and I have been listening to them on repeat.

We talked to ABIR to discuss “MINT,” her skincare routine, all things fall, and more! Check out the exclusive interview and photoshoot below!

Tell us about your new EP, “MINT”?

“MINT” is a nod to my Moroccan heritage. Growing up I always remembered tea time being the place for getting personal, with the obvious drink of choice being Moroccan mint tea. On this EP, I’m spilling the all the tea about love, life, friends, and more.

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What’s the inspiration behind the EP?

Really, just my life as a 24-year-old living and growing up in New York. As a fan, when I’m listening to music, I connect most with lyrics that are relatable on a personal level.

That’s how I approach writing new songs. If I can connect with fans talking my talk and making them feel some type of emotion or creating a vibe, then I’ve achieved my goal.

Favorite song off “MINT” and why?

It’s been changing every other week! Last week it was “Reunion,” but this week I’m really feeling “For Ya.” It’s such a fun record and feels so good every time I hear it. I also had the most fun finding the harmonies and backgrounds for that song and love how they all came together.

Lyric that speaks to you the most off the EP?

“Throwing up in Ubers, barely even left yet, fucking up my rating, why you gotta do that?”

Who are your musical inspirations?

I love me some Etta James, Celine, Beyoncé, Amy, Sarah Vaughan – the list goes on!

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What do you want your fans to get from “MINT”?

Hopefully they get to know a little more about me and can get into all this shade! I hope anyone listening can connect the experiences I sing about to their own lives and feel badass and empowered by it!

Favorite skincare products rn?

Right now, I’m really digging Laneige’s Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil (sooo good) + Innisfree’s Green Tea Serum!

Top 3 things you never travel without.

Perfume, lip balm, and a Neoguri instant ramen (laughs)!

Favorite thing about fall?

Being able to layer clothes is definitely my favorite thing about fall. I love sweater season!

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Hot chocolate or PSL?

Hot chocolate. I’ve never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!

What’s next for you?

I’m hitting the road with Kiiara starting today actually! Super excited to get out in front of people and bring the songs from “MINT” to life!

Photos by Jimmy Fontaine



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