Aaron Carter’s New Music Is Low Key Killing It

Aaron Carter was one of the top teen heartthrob of the early millennium. If you didn’t know every word to “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” or lose your mind when you saw him and Lizzie McGuire kiss under the mistletoe then, you probably weren’t a 90’s baby.

For those of you that do recall the golden age, Aaron is making a major comeback with his new EP “LøVë” and his single “Sooner Or Later” that has over 45 million plays on Spotify.

We sat down with Mr. Carter to talk new music, his infamous love triangle with Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan and what’s next for the singer.

You recently released new music for the first time in a little bit, how do you feel about all the positive feedback?

It’s great, it’s so overwhelming. I just want to make people proud and be really good at what I do. You know, there is always going to be someone out there that’s better than you and as long as I feel like myself, as long as I have that in mind, it will keep me striving to be the best. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I want to be the best” or “I am the best” because for me the best is like the sky. I will never be the best so I’m always aspiring to be the best, and to be better.

What’s the biggest sound evolution from when you first released your demos to now?

My sound has changed, a lot. I’ve added a lot of more drum beats, synths, VST programs for making music, to make the quality for my music so much better. I’m a producer. I write my own music. I produce my own music. I constantly stay working, and listening to new music seeing whats poppin’, seeing if someone is ahead of the game, things like that.

How do you want people to feel when they hear your new song “Sooner Or Later”? 

I just want people to enjoy it, like really enjoy it. You know, there is a story to it but, it can relate to anyone who is feeling like they are going crazy in a relationship and they are doing so much for someone and they aren’t getting anything back in return. That’s what the song is about.

Who is the person that you feel is taking over the music industry and is your favorite to listen to?

Kap G is my favorite, he’s killin’ it. I would love to collaborate with him.

Okay, now let’s do some silly questions, what’s your funny Uber story?

I had an Uber driver take me 400 miles to a show from like Seattle to Washington. It took 3 or 4 hours, and then he became my personal driver.

Is it true, you had a love triangle with Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff?

Haha, that is absolutely NOT true. But it’s crazy how long that rumor has been going around for.

Do you ever rock out to your old music?

No, I don’t ever rock out to my own music, however every time I turn on my car the first song that plays off my phone is “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” Because it [starts with] A-A.

Last question, what’s next for you?

Just focusing on the music, you know that’s the key. Just working on my craft, perfecting everything. Doing lots of radio tours, and show. I’m going to be booking a lot of shows. International shows, too. I don’t really stop. I don’t really have a break right now but, I love it.


Photography By: Zoe Jackson

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