A reset button for your skin, a “butt stuff” home workout, & 4 more things I’m obsessing over this month

Another day, another dollar unemployment check. 

Okay, maybe that was a bleak way to start this month’s round-up. I hope you are finding a way to thrive this quarantine, but I can’t blame you if you’re starting to feel a little cuckoo and might have low-key had a secret hangout with your BFF. 

But if you’re still going strong through this crazy time, you go Glen Coco! After finally taking the risk to fly cross-country and get home, I am back in Los Angeles and trying to find a routine in this new normal (but struggling). 

Some things that have helped me stay grounded: my skincare regimen, trying to form some sort of workout routine, and of course, retail therapy. Here are some of my favorite things in May: 

1. A “reset button” for your skin

Rael Reset Button Calming Cica Cleansing Water

I largely curbed my makeup remover wipe habit after having to write this article in 2016. To sum it up: makeup remover wipes aren’t all that effective at removing makeup (they tend to just smudge it around your face instead), and they leave behind residue and preservatives on your skin. 

You’re probably not wearing much makeup during quarantine, which is why now would be a great time to transition from your wipes to a liquid remover/cleanser. Even on days where I’m going au natural, I still like to use a micelle water on a cotton pad to remove any dirt/grime/random shit that’s on my face from the day before or after using my cleanser. 

This Rael Reset Button Calming Cica Cleansing Water is one of my favorite cleansing waters I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a decent amount). The bottle is aesthetic af, the scent is reminiscent of chamomile tea or something else calming and delicious, and it works! Oh, and also, it’s only $24, which is very reasonable for a skincare product this fancy. 


2. A booty-focused class that’ll sort of make you feel like you’re at a rave

Let’s be honest, an at-home workout never gives you the pump that a IRL workout class can. You don’t have people cheering you on or holding you accountable, you don’t have the fancy equipment, and you don’t have the crazy lighting or mirrors or whatever vibe the workout studio is giving you. 

I’m not saying that HYPERBODY’s classes will suddenly give you the motivation you’ve been lacking all month long, but it at least goes hard in its attempts to make you feel like you’ve got the fitness-rave-vibe at home. 

I tried their “Butt Stuff” Class and definitely felt a serious booty pump. And, I was able to do the class without any equipment besides a medicine ball (which you could also sub a large water jug or vodka bottle for). I loved that the instructor was seriously decked out in 80’s-esque workout gear and gave fun feedback that made me feel like I was in a real class. 


3. The perfect summer workout set for the aforementioned fitness class (or just for your daily walks) 

Daniel Patrick LA Bike Short + Sports Bra

Something I’ve learned during the pandemic: it’s hard to find cute, flattering workout shorts. Nearly all of my workout shorts are at least five years old and they are starting to look dated. I want the bike shorts style that is acceptable to walk down the street in these days without looking like a total fitness thot. 

Being that most of us are taking more nature (or city walks) than usual to try to keep ourselves sane, I figure now is the perfect time to pick up a cute workout outfit that will keep you cool in the summer (and maybe spark a little joy).

The neon sets from Daniel Patrick are great for getting you excited to get dressed, and they’re also perfect for the aforementioned rave-like workout videos. FYI, the set runs pretty small. I was shocked to discover that the XS was very tight on me (normally I wear XXS in brands like Alo and still don’t feel that they’re super snug). So, if you’re looking for something super tight, this is a good bet. If you don’t want a camel toe though, I recommend sizing up. 


4. Brightly colored bowls to make cooking a little more exciting 

Cocentrix 3 Piece Nested Serving Bowls in “Cayenne”

I love cooking. But, after three months of whipping up NY Times Cooking recipes, meal-prepping vegan chili, and even making Tik Tok Recipe videos—I am tired. For the last week I have given up on recipes and have mostly just been roasting random veggies with rice. 

But for some reason, I’ve never been able to find the perfect size bowls for burrito-bowl/stir-fry type meals—somewhere in between a cereal bowl and a big mixing bowl. These Tuxton Home bowls are perfect not only in size, but the bright colors make me feel like I’m in a trendy restaurant (remember those?) and not that I’m in my one-bedroom apartment eating leftover hummus for the fourth night in a row. 


5. A vegan + gluten-free snack box for when you can’t bear to cook any longer

Elevate Snack Box

Speaking of cooking fatigue, what about snack fatigue? During the work week I used to be a banana and mixed nuts kind of girl, but being home all day and eating so healthy has made me want something more…shall we say, snack-y? This Elevate Vegan Snack Box is lit not only for the wide variety of vegan and gluten-free snacks, but also that you can buy it for yourself or subscribe for monthly deliveries. I also highly recommend ordering one to your friend’s address and gifting them with the gift that keeps on giving (or snacking). 


6. A cleanser that I can’t sing enough praises for

OSEA Ocean Cleansing Milk

Everyone keeps saying how great their skin has been looking while staying home, but for the first few months mine wasn’t looking great at all. My skin was dry from being in the HVAC all day, and I had more acne than usual, potentially because of stress or because of me eating too much sugar from all the baking I’d been doing. I switched to a new cleanser from OSEA Malibu two weeks ago, and my skin is freakin’ glowing. On top of that, the glass bottles are luxurious and the brand is locally made in California (plus vegan, cruelty free, and all that good stuff).


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