Why Makeup Remover Wipes Should Only Be Used As a Last Resort

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been using makeup remover wipes. There were the occasional times when I’d use makeup remover liquid, but it was so much less convenient and more of a mess.

Sure, sometimes when I use the wipes, they don’t get everything and I need to use them before bed and again the next morning; but makeup can be stubborn, right?

Well, it turns out not removing all of your makeup isn’t the only issue with makeup remover wipes. In fact, according to some experts that spoke with Bustle, makeup remover wipes are not the best for your skin.

“The first reason is that makeup wipes don’t actually remove all of your makeup,” explained Dr. Janet Prystowksy to Bustle. They tend to smudge makeup around your face, so you only get a partial clean.”

Okay, TRUE. Haven’t you noticed that occasionally when you wipe off your smokey eye it just ends up on the side of your face instead of on the wipe? Ugh.

“Second, they leave behind a residue of cleansers and preservatives that can dry your skin and cause allergic reactions,” says Dr. Prystowksy.

Not cute.

But, we can’t ignore how convenient makeup remover wipes are. They’re great for leaving at your new boo’s house, they’re easy for travel, and they’re also fab if for some ungodly reason you don’t have access to water.

Dr. Prystowksy says they’re not the worst thing you could put on your face, but there are also some better options. She uses Ponds Cold Cream and a Dove Beauty Bar, which sounds like it would take forever, but I guess it depends on what kind of makeup you’re using, and how much. You could also try a 2 in 1 cleanser that’s designed to remove makeup and cleanse your face, like this Garnier All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover.

Maybe think twice about asking your mom to buy you the Costco sized box of makeup remover wipes over Christmas break, and ask Santa for some liquid remover.

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