7 Products That Are Sure To Help You Avoid The Smokey Eye Failure


Growing up without sisters was both a curse and a blessing. Blessing: My parents were only subjected to the horrors of having a teenage daughter just once. Curse: I only had myself to experiment makeup on as my brother quickly shut down my many attempts at converting him into my cute guinea pig. I would watch hours and hours of Lizzie McGuire and on commercial breaks, I would run into my bathroom to recreate her hair and makeup. Well, I tried to anyway.

I didn’t just pull inspo from Ms. McGuire though. After one day spent watching New York Minute and staring at the Olsen twins’ perfectly painted blue eyes, I was feeling inspired. There I was, one innocent afternoon, standing with an eye shadow brush in one hand, an eye palette in the other, and a stupid smirk on my face. I, Kayla Marie Sahli, had done the undoable. At 13, I had conquered the smokey eye, or so I thought. After hundreds of mascara swipes, many layers of uneven eyeliner, and WAY too much eye shadow (for any gal not working the street corners), it seemed to have slipped my mind to give my completed look a once over in the mirror.

Running downstairs to show my mama the fruits of my hard labor, the petrified look on her face is one I will never erase from my brain. After asking me how the hell I transformed my eyes into raccoon eyes, she gently begged me to wash my face off and try again in five years. My dreams of becoming the doppelganger of my favorite TV stars were crushed and looking back on it, rightfully so. Today, I am somehow more grateful for my mom’s reaction to my makeup fail than I was when I magically passed my business stats class two years ago. She saved me from social suicide (insert Lizzie McGuire voice) and from looking like the 5th member of Kiss. Thanks for lookin’ out ma!

The smokey eye should be attempted only when: one is mature enough to drive a car and after the right amount of motherly lessons. First, it’s important you own the essential products that are key to kicking ass. Secondly, you need to learn the proper technique (watch this tutorial) because it is a science after all. Your smokey eye should be the focal point, so make sure to go easy on the blush or bronzer. Lightly coat your lashes with a few swipes of mascara and finish your look with the application of a sheer lip-gloss. Advice: Take your time, and be patient! It’s tricky to learn, but once you get the hang of it hear the alleluia chorus play throughout your bathroom.


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