The Lara Project is a band spearheaded by brothers Felix and Manuel Lara from Valencia, Venezuela. Their unique sound is a combination of their skills as producers, recording artists, sound designers and creative directors. With 5 Latin music projects out and preparing for the release of their newest album Sobrenatural, if these men aren’t on your radar we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this group! We sat down with Lara Project to learn more about this dynamic group of brothers and their plans for 2024.

Feature Interview:

When did you both first fall in love with music? 

Since we were born, our father is a saxophonist, and our mother is a contemporary dancer. So, since our childhood we have always been surrounded by music and art. 

Who are your music producer heroes? 

There are so many to choose from. But our top music producers would have to be: Illangelo, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Rick Rubin.

What song did you hear growing up that had a lasting impression on your souls? 

People equal shit by Slipknot and I Belong to You by Lenny Kravitz are the first that come to mind!  

Who have been your greatest collaborators and who do you wish to collaborate with next? 

Bad Bunny, Alvaro Diaz, Tainy, Nathy Peluso, Aron Piper just to name a few. We wish to collaborate with Kid Bloom and Tyler the Creator soon.  

What is your favorite Venezuelan food?  

Empanadas of course!

Your new song with Cuco is a bop! Please tell us about this song and what is next for Lara Project?  

“Feeling Low” is a song inspired by the struggle against our own demons. We wanted to give it a very strong sonic context since it is literally a battle against ourselves. On March 7th, our next album titled “Sobrenatural” will be released, and we hope it becomes a before and after in how people experience listening to and appreciating music. 

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