9 Twitter Accounts That Understand Your Daily Struggles

When people say that they don’t like Twitter, I know that they aren’t using it the right way.

Contrary to my grandparents’ and non-twitter users’ beliefs, Twitter is not a place where we all sit around and vent about how our day is going and what we’re doing this very minute. Out of all the social media sites that I use, Twitter is the one that has me laughing out loud the most.

If you’re not cracking a smile to your phone screen alone on the subway like I am, you need to follow these Twitter accounts now!

1. @Daddyissues

2. @EXGFprblms

3. @CGBPosts

4. @Urfavritasshole

5. @NickyParisBitch

6. @hauntedunicorn

7. @trevso_electric

8. @sosadtoday

9. @tbhjuststop

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