This Twitter Account Is Putting Sexist Hollywood Screenwriters on Blast

A Twitter account is spotlighting Hollywood’s sexism where it seemingly starts: in movie scripts.

Ross Putnam is the film producer behind the account, @femscriptintros. What he’s doing is simple: posting intros to female characters that have been taken from real Hollywood scripts. The descriptions of these characters are so sexist, it’s laughable — or at least it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Check out a few below. How is it possible that professional screenwriters write such laughably cringe descriptors of female characters?

JANE, 17–ripe with young womanhood, lustrous dark skin and flashing eyes–hurries through the crowd.

There are plenty of other examples, too. Mathew Eng of the Tribeca Film Festival blog highlights the issue in some of Hollywood’s most critically acclaimed and respected scripts and films.

The Social Network, Wolf of Wall Street, and American Sniper all introduce their female characters in a similar fashion to the tweets Ross quoted. Here’s the intro for Margot Robbie’s character in Wolf of Wall Street:


And for Sienna Miller’s character in American Sniper, wherein the screenwriter just cuts to the chase by describing her as a literal object.


Some reaction to the Twitter account has been the question of whether Ross is the right person to speak on the subject, since he’s a man. Rose McGowan suggested that the reason the issue’s been getting so much attention is due to his gender.

Ross replied:


Another article highlights the “women that came before Ross Putnam”, as in, those who’ve been calling attention to the issue before his Twitter account existed.

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