Kim Kardashian Is Asking Twitter to Rename Kanye’s New Album AGAIN

The Album Formerly Known as “Swish” might be getting a new name. Again.

Kanye West already changed the name of his new album from “Swish” to “Waves.” But according to Kim Kardashian’s tweets, it might be getting a third name: “So Help Me God.” It all hinges on how fans vote.

First, Mrs. West tweeted a poll asking fans to pick between the two original names. Incredibly, when we cast our vote for “Swish,” it was split evenly 50/50.

Then, she added a third option: “So Help Me God.” Which is a pretty badass name for an album and got our vote. Once again, the vote was pretty split when we cast our ballot.

This just adds to the long saga of what Kanye’s new album will be called. Keep in mind that last week’s Kanye vs. Wiz Khalifa with a side of Amber Rose feud all started because Kanye changed his album name to “Waves.” So there’s no telling what kind of insanity a third name will bring.

One thing’s for sure: this album has to be pretty good if it’s going to live up to all the drama surrounding its naming. But of course we expect nothing less than perfection from Yeezy.

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