9 Signs Your Friend Secretly Has Rich Parents

Everyone has that one friend. You know, the friend who brags about their money, wears metallic Gucci loafers, but is also the stingiest person you know. All they want to do is talk about their rich fam, but then the dinner bill comes and they conveniently “only have $10” in their wallet.

But then, there’s the secret rich friend. She would never dare brag about her parents’ house in the Hamptons or matching BMWs, she’s was raised too classy to talk about money with friends. But, the more you hang with her, the more you realize that she’s def out of your league. Like, once she lost her All Saints leather jacket at the club and didn’t even drunk-cry about it – or mention it the next day soberly!

Is she rich? Or does she just have a sugar daddy? Well, here are some signs that your friend def comes from money.

1. She Takes Ubers Everywhere

Every time you make plans with her, she assumes you’re taking an Uber. It’s almost as if she doesn’t buy a monthly Subway pass like you do. And maybe she doesn’t, because she’s rich!

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2. She Forgets To Ask You To Pay Her Back

This is high-key the best thing about having a rich friend. Sometimes she gets wild and buys a round of shots, or pays for the Uber back, and you never get that Venmo request the next morning. Goals.

3. She Doesn’t Own Anything From Forever 21

She might not wear flashy logos or Burberry plaid, but the more you hang with her the more you notice that all of her clothes are from kind of nice places. Like, not designer, but Calypso St. Barth and Nordstrom. She doesn’t even own one Forever 21 crop top.

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4. She Doesn’t Accept Drinks From Guys

You go out in a thotty top hoping to not touch your wallet once, but when you invite her over to some old dude’s table, she looks at you kind of funny. It’s almost as if she’s never engaged in the art of hoeing for champagne or something. But the thing is, she doesn’t have to. She can buy her own drinks and still make rent – because her monthly payments are linked to her mom’s credit card.

5. She Stares At You Blankly When You Say You’re Trying To Save Money

It’s almost like you told her someone died.

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6. She Lives Somewhere Fancy Because Her Parents “Wanted Her To Be In a Safe Area” 

She goes to school in the city, but unlike her peers living in a dorm, she’s in a Soho studio apartment.

7. She Doesn’t Talk About Her Childhood Much

She doesn’t want to accidentally bring up stories about her taking private horseback riding lessons, or vacationing in St. John, so she mostly just keeps that stuff on the DL.

8. She Still Asks Her Parents’ Permission For Things

At first glance, you may wonder why your friend is calling her parents to ask them if she can spend the long weekend in Vegas with you and your crew. But, what you may not realize is that she’s not financing her own trips, so she has to ask the person who is.

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9. She Weirdly Treats Guys To Things

There’s nothing wrong with holding your own weight in a relationship, but it’s not normal that your BFF is buying her BF of two months an entire new wardrobe, or insisting that she pays for drinks on a Tinder date. I mean, doesn’t she work in PR?

Honestly, having a secretly rich friend is great. Sure, you might feel a pang of jealously when she tosses her gifted Chanel bag over her shoulder like it’s a sack of potatoes, but she’s clearly been raised right – and it’s way better than a rich friend who can’t stop talking about their dad’s private jet.

Plus, maybe if you’re a really good friend, she’ll help you pay off your student loans!

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