9 Lyrics That Prove Kylie Is Probs Terror Jr.

Earlier today I wrote a review of Terror Jr.’s new album “Bop City,” where I said that it’s impossible to listen to the album without paying extra attention to the lyrics to try and find some proof that Kylie Jenner is in the group.

I don’t like to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure I found all the proof I need.

I totally think Terror Jr is Kylie.

Here are nine lyrics to prove my point.


“I’m a Cinderalla, and you ain’t got a shoe / tell me I’m your best song, singing out of tune.”

Kylie is a princess but Tyga has money problems, so he can’t buy her shoes, or if he does, she might have to testify against him in court


“We’re not like the other ones / sucking up to anyone / goddamn, you’re a star / I could probably do it for many miles / never fucking with the good girls / who’s a very bad child?”

This one is fairly straightforward: Kylie’s a teenager, Tyga has a recording contract and a penchant for hooking up with bad bitches, and Kylie’s always been the wild child of the family.


“We used to drink it out the bottle / playing in the snow like it’s Colorado / I ain’t a model, you ain’t no GQ”

Kylie’s not a model, technically, and Tyga has never been on the cover of GQ. Additionally, both of them have been on a Kardashian family vacation to Colorado.


“I got my own, don’t need to buy me a drink / stop asking questions like you care what I think”

A. Kylie is rich.
B. She gets asked questions by a lot of people all the time by people who probably don’t see her as a person, just as a really famous person.


“they talk a lot, talk a lot about us in a bad light / my heart is an angel, twisted and tangled / rehab, we unstable / love me from every angle / tell me that you can when you’re able / shut me down when I’m fatal”

This one is blatantly obvious.

People talk a lot about Kylie’s family in general, in a bad light and they talk a lot about her relationship with Tyga in a bad light.

Sometimes they have to break up for a while because their relationship needs to fix itself, but no matter what angle she takes a selfie from, she knows that her bb boy is gonna give that snap a double tap… or at least he will once they’re together again.


“I want you and I need you and I got you / and I’m gonna have you if I say so”

Kylie is a boss bitch who gets what she wants because she says she wants it.


“I’m going in a little loud / you need my power like a Mophie / I give you hours just to hold me”

Only Kylie would give Mophie, a mobile battery pack to give your phone extra power, a shout out.


“I’m such a freak with my feelings”

This just sounds like something Kylie would say.


“Never found Jesus, you got me believin’ / overdose on your wet skin, it’s better than textin’, oh / I’m still fiendin’, after so many seasons / still bettin‘ five hundred, without cheatin’”

Unlike her sisters, Kylie doesn’t talk about being religious publicly.

But you know who she does talk about?

Tyga, her boyfriend of over TWO years.

Also, think about it. One of the highest compliments that would come out of Kylie’s mouth is that the touch of your skin is better than texting.


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