9 Celeb-Inspired Braids You Need To Rock For Festival Season

Music festivals like SXSW, Coachella, and Bonnaroo not only bring out the best in music, but the best in style as well. And with festival season officially upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what beauty essentials, flowy dresses, and suede boots you’ll be packing.

Aside from remembering to bring some SPF, choosing what hairstyle you’re going to rock is next in order of importance. Braided hairstyles are perfect for festival season: Your hair will be out of your face, you’ll look like a hippie, and braids are so low-maintenance – the messier your hair, the better.

Misty Darwin, a hairstylist at the A-list adored Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills, was kind enough to lend us her opinion on what braid styles are in this festival season, along with advice on how to get the looks. Check it out, below.

1. These French braids worn by Khloe Kardashian are a hot trend right now.

To get the look: Use Kérastase Forme Fatale Gel and Kérastase Hair Spray to keep those flyways in place. Start by parting your hair down the center. Then on either side, begin braiding from the front center at an angle by taking three strands of hair, adding new strands as you French braid all the way down towards the end. Leave a couple inches out and your look is complete.

2. Love this look on Vanessa Hudgens!

To get the look: Start by parting your hair down the center, braiding both sides from mid-shaft to the ends, then secure with a rubber-band. Leaving the front sides out and taking each braid one by one, place the better-looking braid on top of your part and secure it down with bobby pins.

3. We can’t forget about the Kim Kardashian braids.

To get the look: Start by parting your hair into 4 sections, front to back. Begin French braiding the hair with 3 sections, grabbing smaller sections as you go. Braid all the way to the ends, add a rubber-band to secure the braid, and your look is finished!

4. Cara Delevingne’s Braid Is Chicer Than Chic.


To get the look: Start by parting the hair from your brow arch all the way to the back of the head. Add some hairspray, then begin French braiding all three sections of the hair towards the back of the head. Secure it with a rubber-band. If you prefer to just braid to the end of the hair, no problem. Just secure it with a rubber-band and your side braid is complete.

5. This Emma Stone look is easy to DIY.


To get the look: Take all of your hair to the side and braid it all the way down loosely on the end leaving about 2-3 inches of hair out. Secure your braid with a rubber-band and this look is done! If your hair is wavy or textured, that’s great too! Leaving pieces out in the front really does set the look!

6. Blake Lively’s long, sleek braid is to die for.


To get the look: Begin by adding dry shampoo by Kérastase to add volume and texture. Comb your hair up into a ponytail, but don’t make it too tight. Secure your ponytail with a rubber-band. Take 3 pieces of hair and tease them by using Kérastase Hair Spray. Braid all the way down towards the end leaving about 3 inches of your hair out. Secure your braid with a rubber-band. Massage the braid through your fingers to give it a messy finish.

7. Amanda Seyfried’s cornrow-look is really in this season.


To get the look: Start by parting your hair, beginning at the arch of your eyebrows, all the way towards the back, and from ear to ear. Then, begin parting your hair into smaller sections. You’re going to part 4 even sections. French braid all the way from front to the ends, then secure your braids with rubber-bands. It’s best to add some Kérastase Gel to give it a sleek appearance. Small amounts go a long way!

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