9 Celeb Fan Artists You Should Totally Follow On Instagram

Who needs an art museum when you’ve got Instagram? If you’re looking for some art to brighten up your news feed and occasionally make you question what’s a real photos vs. a portrait, here are nine artists that you without a doubt need to follow. Besides, who doesn’t like seeing their favorite celeb, even if it’s in drawing form?

1. @heather12ooney

Look on Heather Rooney’s Instagram profile and I guarantee you will spend at least 20 minutes trying to figure out which images are actual photographs and which are drawings. That’s how amazing this girl is. This illustrator specializes in photo-realistic, colored pencil drawings of celebrities, athletes, and other public figures. And in case you’re wondering if these are actual drawings, she posts videos on her YouTube channel of each piece in progress.

2. @Hayden_Williams

For all you fashionistas out there, Hayden Williams is an absolute must have on your Instagram feed. The British fashion illustrator and designer rose to social media fame with his illustrations of celebs like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Hayden models each of his portraits after fashion illustrations and either designs his own ensemble for the celebrity or creates his own rendition of an outfit they’ve already worn.

3. @thatbadmicha

Michael Cerimonia is a 19 year old Italian artist with a serious talent for drawing celebrity portraits. His work is often created at a giant scale and with incredible detail. What’s so cool about Michael is his ability to combine graphite and colored pencil in one piece, creating a super unique style. He also has a knack for capturing his subject’s personality within his work. To top it off, he also does free-hand tattooing. How cool is that?

4. @Heyheyandre_art

André Manguba manages to create incredibly realistic drawings with a variation of different mediums, including colored pencil, graphite, gel pen, and even food! You definitely won’t be disappointed if you follow him.

5. Maya- @shine.arts

This girl is only 14 years old, and her self-taught portraiture holds a talent way beyond her years. If you’re looking for some awesome celeb portraits on your newsfeed, she is the girl to follow.

6. @samuel_saito

It always blows our mind when people like Samuel Saito put “self-taught” in their bio. Samuel is a Brazilian artist who draws celebrities, cartoon characters, and other really cool shit, all in colored pencil. He often posts videos of himself drawing and it is absolutely crazy how realistic he makes these pieces.

7. @yashinss

Russian artist Vlad Yashin seriously knows how to get your attention. His drawings are so realistic that they look as though they could walk right off of the page. Specializing in colored pencil drawings of celebrities, this artist makes his work pop by using vivid colors and photographing his work on beautiful backgrounds.

8. @annashtorm

You’ve definitely never seen Kim Kardashian like this. Anna Shtorm puts her own spin on celebrity portraits, characters, and movie scenes using crazy neon colors and other elements to make some seriously trippy pieces. Her mediums vary in colored pencils, paint, and other materials to give her work a seriously eye-catching aesthetic.

9. @thesabstance

Okay, this artist has one of the coolest styles ever. Her monochromatic portraits of celebrities are unreal. She uses a variety of materials like paint, colored pencil, and charcoal to create works of art and it’s absolutely insane. She also posts pictures of her art in progress and it’s super fun to watch her art come to life.

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