8 People To Delete From Your Life For ‘Unfriend Day’

If there was ever a holiday I didn’t know we needed (or had, come to think of it), it’s National Unfriend Day.

The day was created by Jimmy Kimmel in 2014 and is celebrated every November 17. You can join in, simply by cutting the extra fat from all of your social networking sites.

The goal is to foster a social media experience that is more authentic, but it can be hard to know who exactly needs to go. Never fear: here’s a list of people to give the boot this National Unfriend Day.

1. The guy you’ve never responded to but slides consistently into your DMs every few weeks.

Why is he still a part of your social media experience at this point? This is the kind of person who thinks persistence is key, when in all reality he’s just ignoring obvious social cues. Unfriending him might send a message that’s more clear.

2. The friend who posts too many selfies.

This is the kind of person who has to use the caption “last one, I promise” practically every day. I could spend hours picking a filter for one photo on my perfectly curated feed, meanwhile they’re posting six different face photos an hour in the same outfit/makeup? Social media suicide. This Unfriend Day, let it be okay to just be friends IRL.

3. The friend who argues with you on everything you post.

This isn’t someone you just generally disagree with, but someone who goes out of their way to host an intellectual debate on everything you share. Sometimes other people will jump into the conversation, and now you’re sixty comments deep with people you haven’t physically seen in three years. You can 100% do without this in your life.

4. The friend with the big mouth.

It could be the family member who broke the news of your last relationship to your parents before you did, or the acquaintance you know is sending screenshots of your shady statuses to your ex. Stop giving this person access to your life if they’re just going to gossip about it. Delete!

5. The friend who always sends you game invites.

It’s just social media etiquette. Sending something here and there can be okay — although most people would prefer you not — but if you’re waking up to someone’s Candy Crush Invites every day, it’s time to cut it. Make 2016 the year you stop letting friends push their mediocre gaming experience on you.

6. The friend who posts some variation of “Like my status and I’ll rate you on a scale of 1-10.”

The only people who let strangers on the internet rate them are people who need the self-esteem boost and you are not one of them. Rate yourself a perfect 10 and click unfriend.

7. The friend who only posts about how happy she is with her boyfriend.

There’s a difference between wanting to share the person you love and wanting to prove something to the general public. Unfriend the person who makes you an audience member to their over the top PDA.

8. The friend who only posts in promotion of their network marketing company.

This is the online equivalent of the friend who invites you over and when you show up, it’s an Herbalife party. You know you’ll never have any interest in joining and their constant posts just annoy you, so say goodbye.

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