8 items to achieve a mermaid glow-up as lit as Ariel’s

It’s summertime. Therefore, we’re all working toward that glow-up to show off in the fall.

Whether it’s dying your hair, loving your hot bod, becoming vegan or just learning to love yourself the way you are, summer is about being carefree yet also working hard.

With all the unicorn-themed products flooding the shelves of Sephora and holographic backpacks scattered around Forever 21, it got me thinking: what about the mermaids? Unicorns will always be one of the dopest mythical creatures, but mermaids are fierce af, and pretty mysterious.

For instance, look at the Little Mermaid. Ariel was literally like “Fuck you dad, imma do me,” and swam off to discover her true destiny. She even left her homegirls behind, but she was doing it for herself. Once she got to shore, not only did she meet her prince charming, but she also grew some nice legs (talk about a glow-up!!)

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If you’re down for a history lesson, mermaids were first introduced by a Roman naturalist a long ass time ago, according to Wired. They were described as nymphs with an underlying maliciousness, and that carried into greek mythology. They were called sirens, and they were known for luring men to their deaths by singing sensually. Men had to plug their ears with wax to keep themselves from falling for the siren’s spells. That’s pretty fierce if you ask me.

So whether you want to dye your hair green, grow a mermaid tail or cover yourself in glitter, here are the top eight products that’ll help you become the mermaid you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Aurora Glow Kit

So, this highlighter palette is to die for. Its colors are also absolutely amazing and will transform you into an iridescent mermaid. Anastasia never disappoints.


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2. Moonlight Mermaid Palette

Limecrime is known for its eccentric makeup, while also being vegan and cruelty free. This palette is next level stunning, and you could honestly use it whether or not you’re trying to be a mermaid.


3. Diamond Crushers

These are some diamond crushers alright. Whether you’re doing full mermaid makeup or want to have one feature of you face stand out, this lip stain/color will definitely cause a scene, in a good way.


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4. Holographic Stick

Oh, the infamous holographic stick. I’m sure you’ve heard all the hype, but there’s hype for a reason! This stick glides effortlessly on your skin and gives you that perfect iridescent glow to wake your face up and make you look like a glimmering mermaid.

5. Sephora Pro Palette

After going to Sephora and not walking out with this, I must admit that a little part of me died inside. Don’t make my mistakes, go buy it! This palette gives you the perfect glazed look for your cheekbones or eyelids, and will transform you into an intergalactic mermaid.


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6. Unicorn (actually mermaid) Hair

Okay, so the unicorn title can be pretty misleading but this hair dye is actually for mermaids. Do you see any unicorns walking around with salad green hair? Probably not. Check out this vegan and cruelty free color thats fun and safe to use on your hair at the same time.


7. Glitter Bomb Eyeshadow

Finally, a glitter eyeshadow palette with some substance! This is one of the first high quality pigmented glitter eyeshadow palettes to come out for a long time. Also, how can you not love Too Faced? Everything they do is cute.


8. O!Mega Lash


Last time I checked, your eyelashes are usually similar or a shade darker to your hair color, so if you have blue hair, you need some blue lashes. Show off your colorful mermaid eyes with this vibrant mascara that is high quality and long lasting. It will def make your eyes pop.


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TA DA!! You now have the inside scoop on how to look cute AF and like a mermaid at the same time. You don’t need to completely transform yourself to experience a “glo up,” but its always fun to add something new to your beauty routine.

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