8 Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend That Are Secretly For Yourself

Once you’ve been in a relationship for long enough, it can feel like your boo is an extended version of yourself. You don’t think “me,” you think “us” and all that other shit.

Well, if thinking “us” is the right thing to do, then that means you should get bae a gift that you’ll both appreciate? Right? Here are some gifts ideas that your boo will love, but that you’ll be equally hyped about.

1. A Vacation

Unless your boo is the type of person who wants to roll solo and “find himself” in the wilderness, you’re probs his go-to travel buddy. So why don’t you check out some deals and see if you can score you two an awesome trip? It’s technically a gift for him, but also an excuse for you to take a vacay. We recommend checking out HomeAway for a ~*romantic getaway*~ How thoughtful of you!

2. Menswear That You Can Wear


Thrasher Flame Logo Hoodie, $67, Zumiez

Need an excuse to buy that oversized Thrasher or Adidas sweatshirt? Well, that’s what your boo is good for. He can wear it sometimes, and you can “borrow” it after you spend the night or when you “want to feel closer to him.”

3. A New TV


Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV, $264, Amazon

It’s really hard to Netflix and chill when you have to hold a damn laptop in between your bodies, so why not get your boo a new TV? It’s practical, he’ll love it (I mean, all guys love TVs, right?), and you can reap the benefits too!

4. Lingerie


Strong Bondage Crochet Lace Bodysuit, $48, NastyGal

Okay, depending on how horny your boo is, this can be a little questionable. I’d always thought that buying lingerie is an obvious gift to yourself, but after talking to some co-workers, I’ve heard that their boyfriends have been perfectly happy to receive lingerie for the holidays. After all, seeing you in something lacy and sexy is a blessing, especially if it’s not something you normally wear.

5. An Ice Cream Maker


Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker, $55, Amazon

Does bae like to cook? Do you? Either way, you can probably get away with getting “him” something cool for his kitchen, be it an ice cream maker, waffle maker, juicer, or whatever he’s into. Depending on which of you wears the apron in the relationship, it means that either he’ll be whipping you up even more delicious shit, or you’ll finally get to try out all those Pinterest recipes you’ve been holding off on.

6. A Couples Massage


Kind of like the vacation idea, but cheaper. Peruse Groupon and you’re sure to find a deal somewhere. Just make sure it’s not sketchy ahead of time, seriously. If massages aren’t your thing, you can always go for some concert tickets. Just make sure it’s an artist he actually likes, or he’ll be onto you.

7. A Cleaning Service

After nagging him 800 times this past month, you’ve finally accepted that he’s incapable of taking his own trash out or cleaning his room. So why not bless him with a cleaning service like Handy that will do his dirty work and allow you to actually stomach going over to his place without wanting to Febreze the shit out of everything?

8. A Nice Cologne


‘1 Million’ Eau de Toilette, $64, Nordstrom

Maybe you can finally get your loser boyfriend to ditch the AXE by buying him something nice that doesn’t smell like a middle school house party? Plus, this way you’ll get to make sure he buys a scent you like, and maybe you can teach him how to apply it while you’re at it so he doesn’t continue to smother himself.

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