Kim’s Stolen Ring Actually Has the Word ‘Adidas’ Carved Into It

So you know how Kanye got Kim a second engagement ring that was even blingier than Kim’s first engagement ring because he’s rich and eccentric like that?

Turns out that ring, which was stolen from Kim on Sunday, had a giant flaw: Kanye thought it would be funny to engrave the word it “Adidas” on it.

Right, because as everybody knows, women spend their entire lives dreaming of the day their husband gives them a joke ring.

A few days before the robbery, Kim sat down with Andy Cohen and told the story of how Kanye woke her up in the middle of the night to play this cruel joke on her:

“I was sleeping, and [Kanye] woke me up in the middle of the night and said, ‘Babe, babe, I got you something from Adidas.’ And I said, ‘I’ll get the shoes in the morning babe, I’m sleeping.’ And then he put a box on my pillow, a Lorraine Schwartz box, and he goes, ‘No, open your eyes.’ And I opened my eyes and it was a box, and I like, woke up, and I was like, ‘What is this?’”

What Kanye should have said was, “It’s your worst nightmare, babe” but according to Kim what he actually said was, “Well, you know I just did that big Adidas deal, so I got you something from Adidas!”


And then Kim ended her story by saying, “and he engraved Adidas on the band inside because he’s funny like that.”


Honestly, I’ve never seriously considered the idea that Kim’s robbery was staged until now. It just never made sense to me why she would risk the incredibly profitable empire she built from scratch for what turned out to just be a small amount of public pity.

Now, it all makes sense to me.

That’s just how much she hated the fact that Kanye ruined a priceless ring by carving the word “Addidas” into it.

You go girl.

[H/T Radio Andy]


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