7 Recipes That Taste Like Pasta But Will Make You Feel Way Better Afterwards

No shade pasta, but sometimes you make me feel like shit.

Every time I decide to indulge in a creamy plate of gnocchi or a spicy bowl of spaghetti, I find myself regretting it hours later. Not because I’m a psycho about what I eat, but because eating pasta – especially if there is cheese involved — usually results in me having an intense food coma (like, I can’t go out afterwards) or waking up with a horrendous stomachache the next day.

Not to mention that sometimes, we just wanna be a little healthier and avoid feeling bloated, you know? The good thing is that with the whole gluten-free trend, food bloggers have been getting creative with how to get a pasta taste with no pasta whatsoever. Next time you’re craving some spaghetti and don’t want to deal with the food-hangover, try one of these mouth-watering recipes.

1. This Pizza-Pasta Hybrid That Actually Contains Neither

Almost 5 Ingredient Spaghetti Pizza Pie By Paleomg


Okay, this “pizza” casserole is a life saver. First off, for all you healthy bitches, it contains no gluten or dairy, but it still tastes like pizza! I wouldn’t lie to you about something so important, trust me. Also, you can make it on Sunday and basically have your dinners/lunches/maybe even breakfasts set for the rest of the week. Normally I’d get bored of eating the same shit every day, but this was way tastier than my usual salads or stir-frys, so I was down.

2. This Zoodle-icious Recipe That Includes Avocado

Zucchini Noodles With Creamy Avocado Pesto By Eat Yourself Skinny


If you’ve never made zucchini noodles, you’ve got to try it. You don’t have to buy a spiralizer unless you want your zoodles to look like spaghetti. If you use a peeler you can get a linguine-type vibe and all the same deliciousness. Oh yeah, and did we mention that this recipe uses avocado instead of cheese? Yeah, say goodbye to your post-dairy tummy-aches.

3. Did Somebody Say Thai Carrot Noodles?

Carrot Noodles With Thai Peanut Sauce By The Endless Meal


Yes, you can make noodles out of carrots too. But why made regular carrot noodles when you could make Thai-peanut carrot noodles?

4. Faux-Noodles To Cool You Down In The Heatwave

Cucumber Mint Noodles With Ginger Dressing by Tales of a Kitchen


Summer is one of those seasons where you find yourself actually craving salads. But if you’re sick of eating raw lettuce and are feeling something a little more fancy, this cucumber noodle dish, which the creator describes as a “pimped out salad” looks amaze.

5. Lasagna Made With Eggplant, Genius AF

Eggplant Lasagna By Shae Cantrell


Lasagna is another thing that you can make in a big batch and be set all week, but why make it with pasta when you could make it with eggplant and get your veggie fix?

6. Just Beet It

Beet Noodles With Tomatoes, Feta, and Bacon By Inspiralized


I’m going to be real with you, I’ve never tried beet noodles, so I can’t vouch for them. But this looks really good, and a bright reddish purple looks way prettier on your plate than a bland yellow, doesn’t it?

7. Further Proof You Don’t Need A Spiralizer


This recipe is called the “Lazy Girl’s Zucchini Spaghetti” because the blogger uses a box grater to make the noodles rather than a fancy spiralizer, yay! She even provides a lovely GIF to depict how she does it.

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