7 Problems You Never Had Until You Dated a Bad Boy

What is it about a bad boy that looks so good?

Unfortunately, once you get past the sexy tattoos and septum piercing, you realize that bad boys always seem to be a headache and a half. Bad boys come with their own special problems, problems that will suddenly be your problems once you start hooking up with them. All we know is that dick better be bomb af.

1. Late Night Philosophical Phone Calls 

Bad boys must not sleep or some shit. That, or they sleep all day and wake up at 3 PM ready to face the day afternoon. Either way, suddenly you’re waking up to phone calls in the middle of the night from a dude wanting to talk about the meaning of life. Is he high? Is he drunk? Or is he just weird as fuck?

2. Figuring Now’s A Good Time To Try Drugs

You’ve never really been into drugs, you’re more into drinking–aside from that one time you tried Molly at a rave. But since your new fuck buddy practically has coke oozing from his pores and in his pocket at all times, might as well try it now?

3. Feeling Like You’re Not “Cool” Enough

Lots of bad boys are super open about their relationship history, sometimes too open. I mean, did you really want to know about the time him and his co-worker had an orgy after closing time? Probs not, especially because he still works with her. All the chicks he’s hooked up with have purple hair, are artists, and probably the niece of Slash or something. Suddenly you feel like your Nasty Gal wardrobe and long blonde hair isn’t “edgy” enough for him.

4. You Wonder If Open Relationships Are The New Norm

He doesn’t like to put labels on things, sometimes he calls you “his girl,” but it’s in that voice that says he’s obviously trying to charm you. Maybe you could be chill with the whole open relationship thing? LOL, who you kidding girl?

5. You Feel Like You’re Always On His Schedule

He always seems to be MIA when you need him, but if you don’t respond to his text asking to hang out right away, he’ll already have moved on to something else. He’ll say he’s a bad texter, but you find that hard to believe considering he has two fucking phones.

6. Waking Up To The Sweet Smell of Marijuana

Or maybe it’s not so sweet, if you don’t smoke. But either way, instead of waking up to the smell of breakfast in bed, you’re waking up to the smell of a dank bong rip that your boyfriend is blowing at you from his side of the bed. Good morning.

7. You Feel Like a Damn Uber Driver

Your boo gets his license suspended for something or another, and suddenly you’re driving his ass around so much that you feel like you’re a damn Uber driver. Not to mention the fact that he definitely has drugs on him at like, all times…and he feels free to invite all his friends into your car. Kind of not lit?

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