7 Perfect Gifts For the Friend Who Never Puts Her Phone Down

Face it, a good majority of us can’t go more  than 10 minutes without looking at their phone. If you’re super stumped this holiday season on what to get your friends and family, there’s a handful of some freaking awesome iPhone gadgets and accessories that pretty much anyone will love. You probably didn’t even know your iPhone was capable of half of these things.

1. Attachable Camera Lenses


For those artsy friends that will do practically anything for the perfect instagram post, this set of camera lenses for your iPhone are perfect. The bundle includes  fisheye, wide angle, and macro lenses to put a total spin on cell-phone photography. All you gotta do is clip it to your smartphone camera and you’re good to go.

2. Polaroid Printer


If  you’re looking for a sentimental gift, this Polaroid Zip printer prints your photos directly from your iPhone. All you have to do is upload your photos to the Polaroid Zip app and you can print all of your iPhone pictures with the click of a button. Buy a cheap scrapbook to go with the printer and keep all your iPhone polaroids in one place.

3. iPhone Projector


Ok, this pocket projector from Brookstone is probably the coolest thing ever. All you need to do is attach your iPhone to it and it’ll play anything from camera roll videos to full length movies on any flat surface. Pretty much anyone will be obsessed with this super awesome gift.

4. Virtual Reality Headset


For those on your list who are into super cool gadgets, this 3D Virtual Reality Headset will have them going out of their minds. Ranging anywhere from $20-$300, these headsets will send you into a completely different world. You can play games, watch Netflix, or play with some of the preset virtual reality experiences just by sliding your iPhone into the side compartment. I myself have played with these things before and I can fully assure that they are sick as hell.

5. Charging Case


This one may not be as fun as the others, but a charging case is more essential than you think. All you need to do a press a button and you can charge your phone anytime and anywhere without an outlet. Available in a variety of styles and colors, this case will probably be the most useable gift this season.

6. Pocket Microscope


We’re not really sure what you’d use this for, but it’s way too cool not to try. This pocket microscope takes zooming in to a whole new level. With a built in LED light and focus knob, this little gadget has 60-100x magnification capabilities.  Just attach it to your iPhone camera to see pretty much anything up close and personal.

7. e Stick


This is by far the ultimate selfie stick. Not only does it have your general selfie stick capabilites, but it also turns into a tripod to take group shots ( *cough* or take bomb full length photos of yourself *cough*). It also extends up to 31.5 inches. Damn.

8. QBracelet


Stuck somewhere with a dead phone and no where to charge it? Not a problem. This simple little bracelet has the ability to charge your phone at any time and any place.  All you have to do is pull open the clasp and stick your phone on the hidden charging port. If you’re like me and forgetful AF, this is super useful because you can literally wear your charger and not have to worry about if you remembered to put it in your bag or not. Plus, it’s actually cute.


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