7 New Female Artists Who Kicked 2016’s Ass

In the wake of the post-2016 election BS, we can be happy about one thing: it’s brought women together from all over to make sure we don’t lose our rights (ya know, the ones we DO have).

We need to hold each other up and smash that glass ceiling with a god damn hammer. Now is the time we all need to remember those cheerleading-squad-pyramid-making skills and lift each other up.

Perhaps we can force ourselves to remember 2016 not as the shitty year that it’s been and focus on some of the good shit — as in some really awesome music by some really awesome female artists. These ladies have been out there killing it in 2016, and we can’t wait to see what they do in 2017 — and we’ll be more than happy to let them stand on our shoulders, as long as they keep bringing the good tunes!

Bebe Rexha

I’m not sure one would consider Bebe Rexha “new” under any circumstances, but there’s no doubt her career has absolutely blown up this past year. Her single, “I Got You,” co-written by our fave trio of sarcastic DJ-slash-producer boys, Captain Cuts, is simply a work of art literally throwing it’s hooks at you and reelin’ your ass in, against your will (or maybe not?).

Best Use: Serious Dance Floor Action. The kind where you put your shoes in the middle of your girl-squad circle and go full force.

Gabrielle Aplin

British Pop singer Gabrielle Aplin released her new Single called “Miss You” a few weeks ago, and it’s one that will get stuck in your head. The track has breathy vocals, dreamy Caribbean synths, simple piano melodies, laid overtop that reggaeton drum beat we all love to dance to.

Best Use: Great for a long drive when you’re missing that special someone.

Kaya Stewart

Kaya Stewart has those killer raspy vocals that make you miss Blondie and melodies that make you long for 80’s Tiffany Pop songs. She also is so cool, you’ll undoubtedly wish you were her best friend. Her newest single, “Sleepover,” has some pretty rad rock drums, edgy loud electric guitars, and a hook that’ll have you singing along after just the first chorus.

Best Use: When boo is giving you eyes from across the room, and you know it’s only a matter of time before he says “let’s get outta here.”

Charlotte OC

Charlotte OC’s collab with the Canadian electronic duo Zeds Dead sounds like a gothic PJ Harvey, with a dash of Portishead doing an EDM rock track that’s playing at a party inside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. The tune is called “Symphony,” and features a heavy dusty hip hop beat, epic synths, and choral chants that will give you those gothic feels. Her debut album is set for 2017, and we can’t wait.

Best Use: Chillin’ in your bubble bath, with candles lit all around.


FRANKIE released her debut EP in 2015 and even had Taylor Swift tweet a list of songs with her most popular single, “New Obsession” included on it. But, that’s not why we like her — this indie-pop singer has a great new tune called “Blink” which is catchy little melodic EDM-leaning pop tune reminding us that “life is worth the mystery.”

Best Use: Daydreaming about the first time he or she kissed you.

The Japanese House

The Japanese House, a.k.a. Amber Bain, spent most of 2016 on tour with The 1975 and then released a new EP in November including her newest brooding and moody single, “Face Like Thunder.” Her tunes are a killer mix of alt-pop and electronica that mash-up perfectly to create some serious melodic melancholy sonics for your ears.

Best Use: For contemplative moments, like writing in your journal.



Gabrielle-Walter Clay, who goes simply by Clay, has pretty much the best R&B vocals we’ve heard probably all year — especially on her new single, “Follow Me Down.” The song is said to be about the Sirens of Greek mythology, and features raw snaps of the finger, layered synths and harmonic vocals that give it a sultry, sexy vibe.

Best Use: Seducing or teasing your man (or woman) with a sexy lap dance.

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