Bebe Rexha Cheats On Whisky With Tequila

The wheels are just starting to turn for singer / songwriter Bebe Rexha. Known for co-writing the smash hit “The Monster” with Eminem, Bebe has features releasing this month with David Guetta and Pitbull. She’s in LA putting final touches on her debut album expected to release in 2015 and shares with us her view of the real world.

Galore Mag - Bebe Rexha

Interview & photography by Angelo Kritikos

In your song “I Can’t Stop Drinking About you” you mention shots make everything better. They really do. What is your favorite shot?
My favorite shot is Cazadores Tequila Anejo. I was never into tequila at all until I went to Mexico for spring break. I was a whisky chick for a while. My friend wanted us to go to this tequila tasting and they kept giving us these Anejo shots. It’s like the oldest type of tequila. I guess you’re not really supposed to take shots of it… you’re mainly supposed to sip it. I mean honestly I don’t know. I’ll take whatever I can get just to feel a little tipsy.

I get rashes from tequila. I can’t do it at all. Vodka is more my shit.
Really? I love it! I don’t like vodka at all. I hate vodka.

Lets get into talking a bit about your musical influences.
My influences are definitely artists who have been very real and honest with their music. Alanis Morissette, Lauren Hill, Kanye West… I love Bob Marley. I think what I love about all of them is that they all tell their story. They’ve really inspired me message wise.

Galore Mag - Bebe Rexha

I read somewhere that you also produce.
When I first started doing music, nobody wanted to work with me. Nobody really cared. So I had to figure out a way because I couldn’t get into any studios. I worked a job, and by the time I was 17 or 18, I saved up enough money to buy my own Pro-Tools. I would sit there and produce the songs, write the songs and then edit the vocals. It would take me a long f***ing time but now I know the whole side of it. I’m very hands on now when I’m in the studio. I know exactly what sounds I want, I know exactly what I don’t like, I know if they cut my voice wrong, or if they use the wrong effects or reverb. I’m executive producing the whole album.

Where do you feel most creatively fulfilled? Is it writing, in the studio, performing etc?
I think the most fulfilling thing is when I create the song in the studio. When I know I created something very special, because it doesn’t happen very often. Like, you write so many songs and one will come out that is really amazing and you know, and you feel it in your bones.

I feel like 2015 is going to be a rewarding year for you.
Did you read my Tweet about that guru person? I was going to this massage place and this guy just grabbed my hand out of nowhere and was feeling my energy. I was like what the f*** is going on? I was so freaked out. Anyway, I go in for my massage, I get out and the owner of the store says to me, “Oh my God, do you know who that man was? That was my guru. He said that your mind is a genius mind, but 2014 is not your year.” (This was like early 2014 and I was like F***. I’m so f***ing pissed since I was just putting a song out.) He continued, “2015 is your year. A bald guy is going to sign you and it’s going to change your life. And you’re going to change people’s lives. In your past life you used to live in a church. You used to give everything to all the poor people.” This whole thing made me think what the f***, since literally the guy that ended up signing me is a bald guy. Looks exactly like the guy he described. I do think 2015 is going to be my year.

Galore Mag - Bebe Rexha

You have been so busy. Before the magical 2015 begins, what can we expect before this year ends?
I feel like the wheels are just starting to roll. I have two songs on David Guetta’s album, one of them featuring me called “Yesterday.” I have another song coming out with Pitbull that’s called “This Is Not A Drill” that will be on his album. Both those projects will both be coming out November 24th, which is crazy. Meanwhile, I’m still promoting my song “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” which is now hitting radio.

Do you have a favorite track from your debut album?
My favorite song the album would have to be either “Sweet Beginnings” or “I Don’t Want To Grow Up” – They’re very reflective of what my album is all about. It’s very me… growing up in a sheltered home and then going out into the real world. I was always thinking the world was such a nice place until I was getting burned, getting my heart broken, working in a f***ed up industry, people playing me, stealing my songs. It’s kind of me seeing the world for what it really is and thinking f***, this is not what I expected. You know? Always thinking that certain things meant happiness, and then finding out that the little things is what happiness is.

Galore Mag - Bebe Rexha

Photography: Angelo Kritikos
Styling: Wilford Lenov
Makeup & hair: Ashley Bourdon

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