5 ways Yara Shahidi’s hair slays on Grown-ish this season

Yara Shahidi‘s new show Grown-ish not only tackles social issues, just about everyone on the show is cute af and has their own style.

Yara is known for her hairstyles that celebrate black culture in a variation of braids, natural curls and hair extensions.

We’re highlighting some of our fave looks so far this season and how you can achieve each style.

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Every natural girl isn’t comfortable with wearing her curls down due to damage, shrinkage or the lack of products that can hold you down when that humidity hits, so Yara wearing her natural curls in this episode was dope. To add a little twist to this basic style, part your hair down the middle at the top and pin two pieces back. Use your favorite leave in condition to maintain your curls or styling gel.

Braided Pony

Pony tails only last a few days but adding a twist to it like braids can make it last a little longer and makes it super cute. On this episode “Zoey” had the infamous swoops with the baby hair edges laid with two braids and the pony twisted. Depending on where you live, this style should run you about $50 and is perfect to wear to a event/girls night.

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Feed-in Braids

Feed-ins are a staple in the African American community and come in various styles. You can grab a few packs of hair from your local beauty supply and get your local hairstylist to braid you up for around $50/$60. This style doesn’t last long either, I give you 3-5 days top but they definitely come in handy in the summer.

Black Panther Realness 

In the latest episode we get some Black Panther 101 with Yara’s costume giving Angela Davis vibes with her black hair and extensions with rubber bands throughout to give this look above. If you’re wearing extensions this style is super easy to do, you just need to part your hair down the middle and add rubber bands throughout until the end of your hair. You can do this anytime and it will last a good amount of time, though you might want to do this everyday, or at least until it starts to get fuzzy.

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Crown Braid 

Crown braids take two seconds and are so convenient for those days when you don’t feel like washing your hair or don’t have time to switch your swag up during the busy work/school week. You literally just part your hair in the middle and braid your hair all the way around your head, giving the appearance of a crown. If your hair isn’t long enough just grab some braiding hair to add to your natural length.

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