6 Sick Cover Songs by Sick Female Singers

Cover songs are nothing new, artists have been doing it forever. But the current trend since Justin Bieber was discovered via YouTube is for singers to create their own YouTube channel, covering basically anything and everything — usually featuring just their voice and an acoustic guitar.

While this obviously is an easy way to show your vocal talent off, it can be quite boring for listeners to sift through fifteen versions of “Love Yourself” by the Biebs or “Let it Go” by James Bay. (Especially since the originals are so groove-tastic.)

But we have a remedy for that, these sick ladies have made covering songs fun again — they’ve taken great songs and instead of stripping them down to bare vocals and acoustic guitar, have reimagined them, reproduced them, and made them sick once more.

1. Betty Who’s “I Love You Always Forever” (Donna Lewis)

You may not remember the original by Donna Lewis that topped the charts in 1996, but Betty Who has made a pretty sick version with pretty epic drums and dreamy vocals, making for a new modern update to the already-killer song. Her video is also straight up gorgeous, and her natural beauty is goals.

2. Tremble’s “Want to Want Me” (Jason Derulo)

You prob know this one as it was a pretty big hit made famous by the super hot Jason Derulo. Tremble takes it and slows it down, once again giving us sexy vibes and dreamy, breathy vocals, making for a playful, girly and flirtatious take on the track.

3. KOLAJ’s “Hello” (Adele)

Okay, so you basically have to be insane or live on Mars to not know the words to Adele’s “Hello”. You may also be kinda sick of hearing the tune, or at least only be able to listen to it when you are in that certain #mood. KOLAJ (pronounced “collage”) took the normally sad ballad and turned it into a danceable, dreamy track that has EDM influences and makes for a radical upbeat tune for you and your girls to groove to.

4. Olivia O’Brien’s “Complicated” (Avril Lavigne)

You may already know Olivia’s voice from the Gnash single “I Hate u, I love u,” or her new single, “Find What You’re Looking For.” But what you should know about Olivia is that she’s one of the young babes who actually writes her own songs, and even helped write songs with Gnash. Her cover of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” isn’t your run of the mill acoustic cover, as Olivia is known to add R&B melodic vibes al la Rihanna to pretty much anything she touches.

5. Sugar for Sugar’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” (New Order)

Children of the 80’s will appreciate this one, and even if you aren’t an 80’s fan, you’ll wanna hear this one because Sugar for Sugar is an all-girl pop group fronted by Scarlett Johansson. They covered the 80’s tune for the charity album called “The Time is Now” which came out last month to support amFar and AIDS research. The album also includes some pretty great 80’s covers by DNCE (“What’s Love Got to Do with it” by Tina Turner) and Phantogram (“Take Me Home” by Phil Collins) —it’s def worth checking out.

6. Cappa’s “Wannabe” (The Spice Girls)

If you were a child of the 90’s, you probably wanted Buffalo stack sneakers like The Spice Girls and could sing every word to their song “Wanna Be.” Well, our girl Cappa has remade a version with a sick EDM dance-club beat that slows down the original track, making it a sexier, more sophisticated version of the original.


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