7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Skater BF to Go With Your Thrasher Tee

How did Thrasher sweatshirts become so big?

Let’s be real, no fashion blogger or model just casually stumbled into Zumies and found a flame sweatshirt she thought was sweet. More likely she met a skater, stole his sweatshirt, and got photographed in it.

But the cool thing about trends is that now you already know where to buy a Thrasher sweatshirt, or T-shirt, or hat. You don’t have to make the mistake of banging a skater just to post a cute Instagram photo!

But if you need some convincing, here you go.

1. Because You’re An Independent Woman

Make like Destiny’s Child in “Independent Woman” and buy your own shit. Yes, scheming shit out of guys can be fun, but hooking up with a skater is like falling down the rabbit hole. One minute you’ve got your eyes on a Thrasher tee, the next minute you’re driving him around to a “sweet spot” because his license is suspended. Unlike Vetements, Thrasher isn’t expensive, so you can totally cop it with your own funds.

2. You Don’t Need A Weed-Scented Hoodie

The cool thing about having your own shit is that you can control when (and if) it gets washed. Skater boys probably wash their shit once a year when they go home for Christmas, so their clothes have the lovely scent of pizza, weed, beer, and the homeless dudes that they occasionally bro out with. Eau de shit.

3. You’re Not 14

Dating a skater boy was THE coolest thing in middle and high school. But much like dating a bad boy, skater boys lose their appeal once you have better things to do than chase guys around. Like for instance a real job.

4. It’s Easier To Ditch An Old T-Shirt

When Thrasher merch inevitably becomes as basic as a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Uggs (which it arguably already has), you can just give your hoodie to your little brother or donate it somewhere. But an actual man-child who wears Vans is a lot more difficult to get rid of. Good luck.

5. Skaters Are The OG Fuckboys

Before there was the fuckboy, there was the skater boy. They forgot to check their BBMs, they hit up random girls via Facebook, and were way too quick to untie their shoelace belts if any girl showed interest. Save yourself the headache.

6. They Age Like Shit

Skaters are much more like a cheap beer than a fine wine. In other words, they age like shit. Most of them don’t work out, spend way too much time in the sun, and eat like shit. Add drinking to that, and it’s not the prettiest picture. You can probs pull your Thrasher shirt out in 20 years and it’ll be “vintage.” Take your skater man out in 20 years and people will wonder if he’s your grandfather. Not cute.

7. You Can Learn To Skate on Your Own

If learning to skateboard is your real desire, you def don’t need to flirt with a skater to get him to teach you. You can learn that shit all by yourself. Typically, skateboarding may be seen as a guy thing, but more and more badass babes are breaking stereotypes. Who knows? You could be next.

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