6 Reasons Why T Swift Will Never Tell Anybody Who She’s Voting For

Earlier today, T Swift posted a selfie while waiting in line to vote, and people freaked the FUCK out.

Today is the day. Go out and VOTE 🇺🇸

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For one, because Taylor never really gets political.

But mostly people are freaking out because she didn’t say who she was voting for. And she hasn’t all election cycle.

Actually, “who is Taylor Swift voting for” is one of the most Googled question right now.

But even though we’re all thirsty for it, T Swift will never gonna spill the beans on whether she’s with her or him and here’s why.

1. She prefers to keep the mystery alive

Unless the press literally catches her making out with somebody on some Rhode Island rocks, Taylor doesn’t like to weigh in the gossip. She prefers that people speculate their asses off and keep her name in the press as much as possible.

It’s a strategy and it works.

2. Katy Perry

Maybe you’ve heard, but Katy and Taylor don’t get along.

And maybe you’ve also heard Katy Perry is ferociously guarding her position as number-one famous Hillary stan.

So even if Taylor was voting for Hillary, she probably wouldn’t come right out and say it.

3. She would never dare risk alienating a single fan

Taylor Swift’s brand is based on her being a relatable goofball who just so happens to be rich, super talented and have legs that insured for millions of dollars, so why would she ever do anything to risk alienating a single one of her fans?

Some of whom just HAPPEN TO BE alt-right neo-Nazis?

4. Her BFF’s bf is related to Trump

Taylor Swift is best friends with Karlie Kloss, who is dating Josh Kushner, whose brother is Jared Kushner, whose wife is Ivanka Trump, whose father is the giant orange blimp better known as Donald fucking Trump.

Even if Taylor was voting for Hillary, she would never say anything and if she is voting for Trump, she could also never say anything for reason #3.

5. That being said, Taylor is obviously a low key conservative

Besides that one time T Swift dated a Kennedy, the only political thing Taylor’s really done in her life was write a letter about a musician’s right to make as much money as possible, which sounds like a pretty conservative cause to us. Plus her dad’s in finance, she started as a country singer, and her name is Taylor Allison Swift. Like, if she wasn’t famous, she’d be your garden variety Tri-Delt wearing Lilly Pulitzer and dating guys named Chad.

And the final reason why we’ll never know who Taylor’s voting for is…

6. It’s none of our fucking business

Sorry, as much as we love to speculate, it’s really not.

As much as we’d love for Taylor Swift to come right out and make good on her feminist image, it’s none of our business who she votes for today.

One of these days she’ll write a book and rock our fucking world.

Or not.

You never know with that girl.

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