The 6 Ikea Pieces That Will Dominate Your 20s

When you think furniture, you probably think Ikea. It’s the place where you bought your college bed frame, it’s the place where you got the bookshelf that’s gone from your childhood bedroom to your first post-grad apartment, and it’s the place you keep telling your boyfriend to go to buy a damn laundry basket for himself.

But you’re not the only person that regards Ikea as your go-to apartment shop. In fact, probably all your peers do also. For this reason, your dope $200 bed frame is not yours alone. In fact, you’ve probably seen it at your BFF’s apartment, and your latest Tinder match’s apartment, and at your neighbor’s apartment.

Throughout your 20s, you’ll get new jobs, you’ll date new people, and you’ll go through at least one style overhaul, but you’ll probably never escape these Ikea pieces, whether they’re in your room or your bae’s.

1. This Flatware Set

Whether you’re staring at a mountain of silverware in your sink that you need to wash, or eating dinner at your latest bae’s house who “chef-ed” up spaghetti and pasta sauce, you’re bound to see these Ikea utensils. They’re light, they’re minimalist, and they’re cheap af.

2. This Bed That Every Guy Has

Why does every single guy in college own this bed frame? Or, at least all the guys that have a bed and aren’t just sleeping on a mattress. If only the guys actually had a nice comforter and pillow set like the one shown on Ikea’s site. Instead they tend to have some gray blanket with pizza stains…

3. This Bed For Every Fashionista

It didn’t matter if a girl lived in a tiny dorm room or a giant sorority house, there was never enough room for her clothes. Why buy a regular bed when she could buy a bed that could store all her crop tops and yoga pants underneath of it?

4. This Super Convenient Floor Lamp

How else were you supposed to stay awake studying until 3 am if you didn’t have a light source besides the harsh glow of your laptop where you were really watching Netflix instead of reading Chem notes? This $12 lamp would do the trick, and it doubled as a stripper pole for weekend nights.

5. This Trash Can

For all the ramen wrappers, club wristbands, gifts from your ex, and empty bottles, you had this little guy. Easy to clean when you puke in it or drunkenly drop pizza in it, and less than $2!

6. Drawers To Go With All The Random Stuff In Your Room

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have a perfectly coordinated bedroom in college… or like, until we’re 30. That’s why it’s better to stick with neutral pieces that will match with everything, like these drawers. They’re perf for storing the unnecessary amount of clothing we have, and they won’t distract from your multi-colored tapestry or your bright purple shag carpet.

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