Watch These Sorority Girls Open The Gates of Hell

Growing up in the south, I learned at a very young age that in college, sororities are a way of life.

But instead of going to a huge state school in the south and happily joining a sorority like every other girl in my graduating class did, I decided on New York.

Although colleges work much differently up here, I’m still haunted by the thought of sororities. The rushing, the Greek letters, the mandatory pastel Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and the forced smiles. The stuff of nightmares.

And these three sorority girls from the University of Texas at Austin have basically fulfilled my exact nightmare.

Once the girls open the doors, the portal to hell is opened. They must be witches or some shit because not only is it overwhelming, I just have so many questions! How tf do they stack so many girls into one door frame?

Like are you guys even standing? I don’t really know what’s happening.

Watch if you must, but I’m warning you that this is reallllllly scary. I just cannot handle this video. If this is what hell looks like, let me start praying.

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