5 unique tarot card decks for every type of witch

Finding the right tarot deck can be challenging because there are so many beautiful decks out there.

From one witch to another, here are my suggestions for anyone who is looking for their first set, or just wants to add to their collection.

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Serpentfire Tarot

Sale on tarot ends tomorrow ~ shop the link in profile photo captured by @the_sisters_enchanted

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Created by the Modern Mystic Devany Litha Wolfe, this deck is one of my favorites because of its colors and use of trippy, futuristic imagery. I feel like I’m drawn intuitively to decks with non-traditional symbols and aesthetic. This deck is super authentic and cool.

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Wild Unknown Tarot

My 2017. I’ll take it. #yearaheadspread2017

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This is the deck I use. The artist is Kim Krans and her work with watercolor is dreamy which gives the deck a warm and inviting feel, like the cards are just waiting to be worked. This is a great deck to learn with.

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Lioness Oracle Deck

#moondaymusings What I love about Tarot, is its ability to deepen awareness of self. Many of us live in a busy urban environment, with busy lives. Taking the time to sit down, center, shuffle the cards, pay attention to what they say, and perhaps journal or meditate on what comes up is a beautiful way to connect with what is going on in life. It gives space to process what has been rolling around in the mind, in the heart, in the soul. Sometimes the cards will bring up what has been hidden, buried, denied, ignored. Regular work with Tarot creates conscious awareness. Mindfulness. From this place we can evolve, grow, change and expand. Blessings to the week ahead! ❤️ Thank you @danithilette for this photo of her practice with The Lioness Oracle Tarot. ❤️

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Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha, creator of the Lioness Oracle Deck, is a brilliant and creative force. This is the deck I’m saving up for. She uses popular idols like Buddha and David Bowie as symbols in her collection against backdrops of constellations, fire, and flowers. I love her use of color. This deck packs a punch and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

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Flowers from the Dead Oracle Deck

Lovely photo by @samanthamethyst of the green man card. I have so many goals to work on this summer involving tarot classes and readings online and spreading the word about #flowersfromthedead gaining more wholesale clients and hopefully starting on a new deck! Im going to be devoting some serious time to my art, I’m a little nervous but also very excited! But first I’m taking a little vacation on the east coast! Shipping may take longer than normal next week Thanks for all your support folks and stat tuned, for more in depth news on the deck follow the link in my bio to sign up for the newsletter. #tarot #witchythings #occult #witchcraft #divination #oracle #bones #skulls #witchesofinstagram #witchplease #instawitch #greenman

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Misha H Dumois makes lots of tools for divination, but her oracle deck is by far my favorite. She uses simple illustrations on black cards, made up of bones, animal skulls, and bugs, perfect for those who connect through animal symbology. For all my super-goth mystics out there, this is a great deck to have. Sometimes the simplicity of black and white can be just the right way to connect with the cards.

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Holly Simple Tarot

Holly Simple is an artist, cartoonist, and illustrator. Her tarot deck is full of unusual and brightly colored cartoons that remind me of Keith Haring’s contributions to the pop art of the 1960’s. I love when artists can take something ancient and recreate the symbols in ways that haven’t been done before. All her work is wonderful, from fashion, jewelry and comics to tarot. Each card is better than the next.

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