7 witchy Instagram accounts that’ll add some black magic to your feed

If your style can be described as “every day is Halloween,” there’s a good chance you’ve got some witchy woman vibes going on.

Instagram witches have been a thing for a while, but if you’re more interested in witchy style inspo and less interested in potion recipes, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some enchanting Instagram accounts that you should def follow to add a little bit of black magic to your feed.

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1. @moonchildhel

If you’re looking for a modern day Morticia Addams, follow this chick’s page stat. She alternates between hawt shots of herself and moody pics of architecture and landscapes, dope goth shoes, and occult accessories.

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2. @thebonewitch

~ Personal post ~ Really feeling hit hard by the universe right now especially. I know a series of unfortunate events is certainly nothing personal. However, Not only have I had to move houses twice this year already and am still looking for a place to live. There have also been some health issues that are still getting cleared up. Starving artist style living and trying to figure it all out. Regardless of those things, because life is real and happening for everyone always. . Last night my whole suite case of creations was stolen (in San Francisco). @cirkuswaggon42 had a suit case stolen also. So much hard work and time put into those creations, and what would hopefully be food in my belly is now out doing who knows what. I please ask that if you see anyone with our creations that is clearly not myself or Arielle (or a store we are associated with) attempting to sell our work, to let me know! Any kind of help is greatly appreciated. . I will eventually get beyond the point of loss and grief feelings. But for now all I can do is make more art. All I can think is to create from destruction, creation, death, life, ends, beginnings, change, transition, transformation. These are all one in the same creature, a being that can never be tamed. .. (Photo creds in comments) #water#witch#witchesofinstagram#occult#magic#dream#art#handmade#fashion#highfashion#model#modeling#mood#thebonewitch#altmodel#artist#patreon#ocean#dark#darkness#goth#nature#horns#costume#costumedesign#thirdeye#sun#blue#night

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The bone witch’s Insta is kind of like if a witchy Tumblr migrated to Insta. The pics are super arty and filtered, it’s def NSFW (Insta hasn’t deleted any nips yet), and you’ll probs spend too many hours scrolling deep, deep down her feed.

3. @hannaohlssson

It’s unclear if Hanna is actually a professional influencer, but if a witch was an influencer, this is how her page would look. Awesome outfit pics, ever-evolving hair, and perfectly staged shots of cute cross-stitching and socks.

4. @gabyherstik

This witch held her first nü moon circle with @kaerhart and it was delicious. I’m so grateful for all the souls who joined us tonight and graciously let me learn and fumble as we created our circle. Holding sacred space as we share our stories and hope for the coming moon is so powerful. Being a conscious witness for my loved ones and their dreams is one of my favorite things ⚡️My intention for this new moon is to continue to keep my heart open, to stop being so hard and down on myself and my work, and to remember that I am worthy and deserving of all the abundance and love the universe has to offer⚡️ Thank you @forgottenfeathervtg @ashlynvictoriastallings @lizmorgan @oh_momoko @alexyael and @kaerhart for being here tonight if you also set an intention this New Moon, feel free to share!

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Gaby proves that witches don’t have to be goth. Her page is lighter and a little more “normal” than some of the others on here. But her Insta-bio says “Witch Carrie Bradshaw of LA,” so it must be legit.

5. @helgea88

Just look at this demon goddess shot and that’s all you really need to know.

6. @catinawitchhat

Neophyte Necromancer ⚰️ Cute Halloween jumpers in June? Why not it gets too hot in Australian October anyway! Today it rained alllllll day, and it’s meant to continue like that all week – so outfit pictures will have to be inside if there’s enough light Sending you guys lots of love to get through your day ✨ ___________________________ Jumper from @bannedapparel Shorts from @hm (actually a playsuit) Socks from @killstarco Boots from @currentmoodclothing (bought on @dollskill ) Lipstick is “teddy bear” from @limecrimemakeup Bag from @restyle.pl Dreads from @sepsiscrafts . . . . . . #goth #gothgoth #strega #stregafashion #witch #witchesofinstagram #gothic #allblackeverything #alternative #altfashion #altgirl #occult #darkmori #nugoth #dreads #silverhair #moonchild

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Alice understands that it’s never to early for Halloween apparel, which we can all appreciate.

7. @crystalleelucas

Keeper of light @moonsiren

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Crystal’s Instagram is kind of like a horror film mixed with an editorial, but in the greatest way.

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