12 Confessions From Girls Who Hooked Up With Their Coworkers

You’re bound to meet a couple of cute guys this summer. Only, it’ll probably be at your new post-grad job.

Navigating a relationship or flirtationship at work is always tricky, and oftentimes blows up in your face. That’s why we asked 12 girls about their own experiences with dating coworkers. Whether you learn from their mistakes, get inspired by their stories, or decide to avoid romance in the work place all together, Galore supports you.

1. For Stress Relief

“I’ve hooked up with 2 coworkers, each from a different job. The first one was retail and we actually would have quickies while on the clock in the stock room. My second job was a healthcare position. It was very stressful, so that’s how we coped. When I first started working there, the first sentence I heard was ‘we’re worse than Tinder here,’ so I was excited, of course. He would be on the clock, I would just clock out, and we would do it in my car. The company was in a woodsy area, so we were able to hide my car pretty well.”

2. When Things Get Creepy

“I quit my last job because I hooked up with the bar manager and he still creeps mad hard. He even walked by the place I work now and my current bar manager told him to leave.”

3. Before You Realize You Work Together

“Slept with a kid, walked into work the next day and my boss goes, ‘here’s the new delivery boy.'” I died. I worked at a pizzeria, I answered phones, and he delivered pizzas. The first day was very awkward because he kept trying to talk to me and I thought I would never see him again. I had to change my schedule because I didn’t want to see him or talk to him. The sex was terrible.”

4. Sorry Dad

“I hooked up with an intern at my dad’s company. One time we made out in the supply closet. We loved that shit. I’d always pray my dad never found out, and thank god he didn’t. We did date for a little while, but then he and I ended up going to college far away from one another.”

5. Defamation Of Character

“I hooked up with a kid that was my supervisor at my lifeguard job. The next year we were supervisors together and he had a new girlfriend who was mean and harassed me all summer. I slept with him again at the end of summer after he told me they had broken up, but he was lying. She then continued to harass and bully me for the next year. It got to the point where she was telling awful lies about me to coworkers, so I reported them to my boss and HR to get them to stop. My work did nothing until my dad came in to say he was going to get a lawyer since the cyber bullying/sexual harassment/defamation wasn’t legal nor okay in the workplace, to which they said they would talk to them individually and give a warning about workplace harassment. I was basically demoted and put into a different zone so that we wouldn’t work together. I finished the summer for the money and then went back to school. Long story short, don’t hook up with your supervisor.”

6. Sharing Is Caring

“I hooked up with a kid from work this summer. Two weeks later I had a party for my birthday and invited all of my coworkers. So, then I found the dude banging another one of our coworkers in my mom’s bed.”

7. Virgins Have Jobs Too

“I hooked up with a coworker at the restaurant I worked at during my senior year of high school. I wouldn’t have sex with him, so he said we should stop talking. That night, I lost my virginity to someone else. The next day, my coworker said he changed his mind and wanted to continue talking, but I was like ‘nah, I had sex with someone else last night.’ I never spoke to him again. Also, his mom was our manager at work… so that was fun.”

8. Nicknames Happen

“I hooked up with a coworker at the summer camp I worked at, and I took his virginity. The next day at work, all of the guy camp counselors went out to eat and when they came back one of the guys told me ‘we need to talk,’ and another guy decided my nickname from then on would be ‘the man maker.’ By the end of the day, everyone I worked with knew what had happened, including my coworker that was sleeping in the same room as us when it happened.”

9. Security Cameras Exist

“Long story short, I hooked up with a kid at my old job multiple times and all our coworkers found out. It was awkward AF. I’m pretty sure my boss found out because he put cameras all over the store.”

10. It Might Work Out

“l hooked up with a coworker at my first college internship,  but it was only after he took me on a date. We’re still dating two years later. There was a lot of sexual tension, but it wasn’t awkward because we both knew we were into each other.”

11. Free Chocolate

“I hooked up with a shipping guy at my co-op. He brought everyone their check every week and when he gave me mine he would give me chocolate with it and would make small talk. Then he started asking me to lunch everyday. I wasn’t into him, but I was into the free lunch and chocolate, so I was like fuck it, I’ll hookup with you.”

12. Rejection Is A Bitch

“I hooked up with a guy who worked at summer camp with me a couple of times. He fingered me with such poor skills that I started crying out of pain, which he thought were tears of pleasure and asked, ‘yeah, u like that?’ Still, to this day, he literally won’t stop being a weirdo. He calls me nonstop and ironically just moved a block away from my boyfriend’s house. I recently blocked his number because my boyfriend was wondering who was calling me at 3 am.”

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