11 Subplots We Hope to See in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

Being from a single parent household, there was something that always really resonated with me about “Gilmore Girls”.

My mom and I have the same kind of relationship that Lorelai and Rory do: one moment we’re BFFs chatting it up about the latest drama in our lives in the most brutally honest fashion, and the next she’s back in mom mode.

So when the “Gilmore Girls” revival was announced, you bet my mom and I flipped out. We spent so many afternoons just chilling out on the couch together after I got home from school watching the show. The prospect of getting some sort of resolution to all those unanswered questions is beyond exciting.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some pretty high expectations. It actually means I have ten trillion expectations, but here are a few that I really hope come to fruition on November 24th. And if they don’t happen, I’m coming for you, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Just kidding.

1. Luke and Lorelai are together and happily married

My only wish, if nothing else, for this reunion is to see Luke and Lorelai together; the way it should have fucking been all seven seasons. Christopher kept getting in the way, like he didn’t stick around when Rory was born so what makes Lorelai think he would ever stick around. Luke, on the other hand, has always been there for her with a cup of coffee.

2. Lane and Zac’s kids have joined the band

Nothing was cuter than when Lane and Zac finally admitted how they felt about each other and still jammed together in Hep Alien. I really hope their kids have inherited some sort of musical inclination and can play too!

3. Kirk has a stable job and is married to Lulu with kids

You know, for the strangest character on the show, I kind of just want to see him with a settled life and with a stable job and a family with his lovely girlfriend (or hopefully wife now) Lulu. No more hopping jobs or weirdo interpretational performances of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” please.

4. Rory ends up with Logan

Please tell me I’m not the only one who wishes Rory would have just said yes when Logan proposed to her. I just wanted her to have the avocado tree in San Francisco and make cute genius babies with Logan. But instead, she decided to follow Obama on the campaign trail (which I can understand as a journalist), but I still hope that’s who she ends up with.

5. Taylor and Luke get into a fight over something stupid

Would it be Stars Hollow without a petty bickering match between Luke Danes and Taylor Doose? Nope, and that’s why I need to see them argue in the reunion. Maybe they argue at a town hall meeting over shared parking in front of Luke’s Diner and Taylor’s Soda Shoppe.

6. Rory admits she fucked up leaving Dean for Jess

For her first boyfriend, Rory should have realized how much of a keeper Dean was. I mean he built her a car for fuck’s sake. I just want her to admit that she was a major biotch for dumping Dean. I just want some validation, okay?

7. Michel comes out

For a man to love Celine Dion and high fashion as much as Michel does, I hope he comes out and it’s done in a really tasteful way. I really want him to find a hot hubby who appreciates Chow-Chows and egg whites as much as he does.

8. Mrs. Kim chills tf out with her grandchildren

I really hope she’s not as strict with Lane as she is with her grandkids. It would be so funny to see her drop them off at like band practice or something when, if it were Lane, she would be taking her to Bible study. I would just love that ironic twist.

9. April Nardini doesn’t fuck anything up

When April first appeared on the show, she wreaked havoc. I genuinely hated April, and kind of still do. I don’t care is she was only like 12, she was the reason Luke started lying to Lorelai, and for that, I will always be mad. But when I found out she was going to make an appearance on the revival, I was EVEN MORE MAD. Just be a nerd, April. Don’t fuck anyone’s relationships up.

10. Miss Patty has more slutty stories

As the town’s coquette from a bygone era, Miss Patty always had the most extravagant stories about her flings with Broadway’s elite before settling into small town life. I want to hear more of her stories. I mean it’s been 10 years, she’s had to gotten funky with a few men?

11. Sookie wins a culinary award, her and Jackson’s kids are grown up

Although there was some disagreement about whether or not Sookie would make an appearance on the revival, I’m so happy they decided to bring her back. She really deserves some recognition for her amazing work in the kitchen. Maybe the Dragonfly will have an award-winning restaurant in it now with Sookie as head-chef? I also really hope Jackson’s farm is doing well and their three kids are in school and cute as fuck.

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” premieres on Netflix Nov. 25.

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