10 Shows To Watch When You’re Stoned AF

There’s nothing better than getting home from a long day at work, packing a fresh bowl of weed, kicking back, and indulging in your favorite show. Here is a list of the best shit to watch when you’re stoned AF.

1. High Maintenance: 

September 16! #hmwebseries joins the big leagues on @hbo!

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Set in New York City, the show revolves around the encounters of a marijuana bike dealer and his clients. It’s super quirky and episodes are normally 7 to 10 minutes long, so even if you have ADD, you can handle it just fine. The show recently got picked up by HBO, so it’s def worth watching.

2. House Hunters International:

Yay or nay?

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Finding your next home is obviously stressful, but imagine doing it in when you’re in a country that is absolutely foreign to you. House Hunters International follows realtors and their clients as they peruse through real estate options and nitpick about things like the color of the walls. Ultimately, the clients have to choose one of the options and we get to see them a little later as they finally settle into their new home.

3. Top Chef:

Basically, this show is one of the best cooking challenges on TV these days. The food usually makes my mouth water and the judging can be pretty intense, which I love. No getting off easy when it comes to putting something in my mouth!

4. Major Lazer:

Go to Japan or China or whatever tonight at midnight #Newsreaders

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This animated series is the baby of electronic producer, Diplo, and Ferry Guow (from the Semifinalists) as well as Kevin Kusatsu. It follows Major Lazer, the Jamaican superhero protagonist whose right hand is actually a laser gun (big surprise there), as he battles President Whitewall and General Rubbish. It has killer graphics and a great soundtrack, which make for great stimulants when you’re stoned on the couch.

5. Adventure Time:

;; ☁️☄ What’s the saddest scene in Adventure Time in your opinion? #AdventureTime

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In the land of Ooo, Finn, a 12 year old protagonist battles evil along with his magical side-dog, Jake. Evil usually comes in the form of the Ice King, who is intent on making Princess Bubblegum his lover, even though she is not down at all. So Finn has to try to keep him from stealing her.

6. Archer:

It’s a renewal RAMPAAAAAGE. #ArcherFX is renewed for three more 8-episode seasons. See you next year!

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This show follows the adventures of super spy, Archer, as he works for the International Secret Intelligence Service and deals with his over-bearing mother and fellow ISIS agent, Lana Kane (ex-girlfriend). The humor is dry and strictly hilarious, plus Archer is pretty hot, if you’re into cartoons, that is.

7. Tim & Eric:

TONIGHT @ midnight on Adult Swim

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Watching re-runs of this quirky show is one of the best things ever. Prior to its final episode in 2010, the series consisted of multiple comic sketches like fake commercials, prank calls, and had guest celebrities like Zak Galifanikis and Weird Al.

8. Animal Precinct:

An adult male lion can weigh up to 420 pounds! #LionOnTheLoose #MonsterWeek

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Animal Planet is great when you’re blissfully high. This particular show gets my blood boiling as each episode follows the ASPCA agents of New York as they investigate crimes against animals, rescue aforementioned animals and most importantly, arrest the lawbreakers. Justice will be served.

9. Weeds:

Away we grow 💚 #WeedsShowtime

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It’s all in the name, people.

10. Rick and Morty:

NOTHING MATTERS!!!#rickandmorty #brutal #cronenberg #oops

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Talk about daddy issues… Rick shows up at his daughter’s house after 20 years of disappearance and turns her family’s garage into his personal laboratory. He gets close to his grandkids, especially Morty, and together they adventure across the universe.

Now you’ll have something new to watch the next time you spark up!

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