10 screenshots that prove guys are way more dramatic than girls

When it comes to dating, guys love to label girls as the “dramatic” counterpart of the relationships.

Movies and TV shows paint us as obsessive, overly clingy people who show up at your front door looking like Taylor Swift in the “Blank Space” music video because you didn’t text us back.

But, let’s be real here. We all know that guys are far more dramatic than girls will ever be. Sure, Todd from Alpha Delta Pi will deny that he ever cried when you told him last Friday was just a one-night stand, but luckily, screenshots exist to prove it happened.

Peep below for our favorite real-life moments that prove guys are way more dramatic than girls. As if you needed more proof.

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1. The one who cries after the breakup

When girls get dumped, they eat ice cream and download Tinder. When guys get dumped, they punch a hole in the wall and hyperventilate. And yet, we are still labeled as the criers!

2. The psycho

Nice! Jealousy is kind of cute until your bf threatens to kill the McDonald’s worker who gave you an extra side of ketchup. Check please.

3. The one who thinks this is Gossip Girl

Hate to break it to you bud, but it isn’t. And you are def not Chuck Bass. I’ve come to conclude that guys are watching way more Nicholas Sparks movies than we are because really, who says things like this in real life?

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4. The one who’s just too bad to handle

*eyeroll.* I mean really what is this, “Teen Wolf”?

5. The one with double standards

Guys could literally live stream themselves doing shots of their exes and expect you to be cool with it, but god forbid a dude walks by in the back of your snap story and it’s World War III. Double standards can SMD.

6. The one who’s suicidal because you haven’t texted them in 2 hours

Uh, what does “too late” even mean? I had the blessings of receiving this lovely message in my inbox from a guy I’d never even met. Thankfully he had no idea where I lived because he’s clearly a stage 934 clinger.

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7. The one who needs constant reassurance

Vom. There is literally nothing more unattractive than a guy who fishes for compliments. But we’re the needy ones, right?

8. The one who overreacts over nothing

I can tell you right now dude, that attitude is not going to get you laid!

9. The one who is  “finding himself”

Classic. Isn’t it just easier to say you’re not feeling it anymore? We’re big girls, we prob have a back up plan lined up anyway.

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10. The one who wants you to hate him

Sorry dude, you’ve got to care to hate someone. And we 100% do not care.

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