Zac Efron Shared His Abs Diet: Forward It to Your Boyfriend!

Zac Efron has always been hot, but it seems as though in recent months, the High School Musical babe of our dreams has gotten even hotter. 

Perhaps it’s his newfound Baywatch hotness that’s exuding out of him, but whatever is happening, it’s next f*cking level.

Honestly I have a hard time with paparazzi but s/o to this dude 🕶

A photo posted by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on

Seriously, did you even know abs could look like that in real life?

Damn. How does he do it?

Funny you should ask, because it turns out the only thing that’s crazier than Zac Efron’s abs is the diet he’s adopted to get them.

It’s so restrictive, it makes Gisele and Tom’s diet look like a cakewalk. 

Welp, it’s good to know Zefron is taking full advantage of his cheat day and eating enough food to make an ordinary person gain 5 pounds overnight.

Meanwhile, he still looks like this:

Don’t you just hate celebrities sometimes?

[H/T Elle

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