Young Women’s Biggest Dating Deal Breaker Is a Dude Who’s Sexist

If we learned anything from Trump’s election this week, it’s that so many Americans are still sexist af. While it’s definitely not just men that are sexist, considering that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump, men are definitely bigger culprits since most of them will never fully understand the burden that comes with having a vagina.

There was a time where we’d put up with men’s bullshit for security, or safety, or by simply saying “boys will be boys,” but that time is fading.

In fact, for straight women between the ages of 18-40, the biggest dating deal breaker is a sexist guy. This was found in a study done by Sapio.

And rightfully so, I mean, why the f would you want to date a guy that literally sees you as a lesser person? Or a person who doesn’t deserve the same rights, opportunities, or paycheck that he does?

The problem is that you can’t always tell when a dude is sexist right away. I mean, he’s not going to walk around in a meninist shirt (hopefully), but one day after dating for six months you may be sitting around the kitchen and he’ll say something like, “a girl is suing my fraternity for sexual assault, but like, she went to the Playboy-themed party wearing a lace thong, c’mon man.”

After you pick your jaw up from the ground and decide if now is the time to launch into a diatribe about consent, you realize that you should’ve known this all along. He said he might vote Trump because he “likes his tax policies.” Fuck.

But some men claim to be woke too. After all, the survey found that men aged 18-29 said racism and intolerance were their biggest deal breaker. Unfortunately, older men didn’t give a fuck about that and their top dating deal breaker was bad hygiene.

This is just another reason why you should stop trying to be polite and agreeable on a first date. You don’t need to be likable for someone who doesn’t agree with you on important shit. Bring up politics on the first date, bring up religion, bring up shit that you’re “not supposed to” talk about on first dates. Sure, that guy from Tinder is hot af, but wouldn’t you rather know that he’s a sexist now rather than finding out when you’ve already wasted time on him?

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