You Can Now F*ck The Eggplant Emoji IRL

If you’re sick of seeing emojis everywhere, from stuffed animals on the Jersey Shore boardwalk to the logo on your girlfriend’s panties, you’re probably thinking that emojis can go fuck themselves.

But emojis aren’t going to fuck themselves, instead, they’re going to fuck you. Or, at least the eggplant emoji is.

Seriously, although we personally think that the champagne emoji is way sexier than the eggplant emoji, the eggplant emoji’s recent transformation into a vibrator seems to solidify its sex status symbol.

The eggplant emoji vibrator, otherwise known as the emojibator, has it’s own website, which leads us to wonder if two random college kids randomly put their life savings into funding this emoji sex toy, or if it’s linked to a bigger manufacturer somehow.


Regardless, this could make a great gag gift for your one friend who loves dick as much as she loves sexting and meeting randos off Tinder. Or, you could spend the $32 on a vibrator that doesn’t remind you of Instagram DMs from creepy randos.

Image via Emojibator

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