X Ambassadors Are Throwing a Benefit Concert for Int’l Women’s Day

It’s undeniable that the perks of being a famous musician are endless, but one of the perks that not all famous musicians use to their advantage is that of being able to support important sh*t.

As Cher in Clueless once said, “Don’t you wanna use your popularity for a good cause?” — which means, basically if you got it, might as well use it. And it seems like the band X Ambassadors must have seen that movie a few times and taken Cher’s advice to heart, since they are planning a benefit show with all proceeds being donated to Planned Parenthood.

The event will take place at The Roxy in Los Angeles, on March 7th — the eve of International Women’s Day — with support from other acts MILCK and morgxn.

“I ask myself a lot these days what I can do to help with everything that is going on in the world, it is easy to feel angry,”morgxn says. “But anger is self-focused — rage is something we can feel together. It can be useful, and lending my voice and music to raise money for Planned Parenthood is exactly the kind of difference I want to make.”

In addition to morgxn and X Ambassadors, singer MILCK’s song “Quiet” has become the unofficial anthem of the Women’s March on Washington, DC.

“Planned Parenthood is a place that provides myriads of high quality services to ensure the well-being of so many blossoming women, men, and trans people,” she said. “I understand that our country is still figuring out our ways of reconciling our disagreements. I am hopeful that we can find a way to listen, to empathize, and to coexist. I dream of a culture that empowers each individual to live out his/her own beliefs in peace, with one another.”

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You can expect to hear MILCK’s “Quiet” live at the event, along with many of the popular tunes from X Ambassadors’ 2016 release of their album VHS 2.0 like “Renegades” and “Unsteady.” Take a peek at our Q&A with X Ambassadors lead singer, Sam Harris, and check out the links below to help support Planned Parenthood.

What made you decide to do this event to support Planned Parenthood? Why is supporting women and this organization important to you?

Sam: We support planned parenthood because we support women’s rights and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding their bodies and health. It is also very important to us that  women have access to the healthcare information and services that Planned Parenthood offers.

What message are you hoping to spread to others by doing this event?

Sam: We are not only trying to raise money for Planned Parenthood with the Roxy show, but to also raise awareness and get the message out that Planned Parenthood is under attack by our current president.

You chose to do the event on the eve of International Women’s Day, what is the significance of that to you?

Sam: The Women’s March was such a powerful platform and a much needed response to last year’s insanity and we wanted to ensure that this gathering of like minds sent a bold message to the rest of the country. It was important to stand together in solidarity against the hate, sexism, and racism that is going on in our country.

You performed at the Women’s March in DC, how did you become involved? What was it like participating in such a historic event?

From the moment we heard that the Women’s March was being organized, we knew we wanted to be involved in any way.  Whether it was raising money, or just attending the march, we knew we had to be involved.  

MILCK and Morgxn are also involved — how did they become involved and did you have a particular hand in choosing them to play alongside you for the event?

We did have a hand in choosing MILCK and morgxn.  We are fans of their music and are honored that they agreed to play this event to raise money and awareness for such an important cause.

What happens if the event sells out and people are still interested in supporting?

There are so many ways that people can support. Even a social media post to encourage friends and family to support the cause goes a long way. We also encourage everyone to donate what they can to Planned Parenthood or organizations like the ACLU.

Will you be performing any special covers songs or mainly songs from your album VHS?

We will be performing songs from VHS and some new material!  

Why is it important that women AND men support Planned Parenthood/Women’s rights?

Sam: We all grew up surrounded by very strong women who helped shape our lives and careers.  For those women, Planned parenthood was a vital part of how they learned about sexual health and contraception.  We will do anything in our power to help ensure that planned parenthood can keep it’s doors open because we know that the services Planned Parenthood provides are crucial and important to the health of all men, women and children.

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